Saturday, December 05, 2009

T.O. Trip Day 8. Science Centre

Body Works at the Toronto Science Centre, time flew by as we played about with everything. I realized it's bigger than I thought and it takes a full day dedication to see everything in there.
In the science centre we actually got a chance to watch a cricket shed it's shell, it was really gross and entertaining at the same time. You know the kind of grossness that you can't turn away from. Ahhh, fun. I also forgot to add that when the white one shed it's skin, another cricket came right up and ate the shell. ahhh it was grossness at it's finest.
We came home and he made Lasagna for dinner, he just popped it in the toaster oven and I make him eat some salad with me so he can get some greens. I work on the painting some more to make it wider from his request as he watches the UFC fight on the TV, I catch him as he falls asleep on the couch ♥ . I don't blame him we had a long day. After a little rest, we eat dinner and continue on with what we were doing that night. I was painting, he was watching the fight. :) I realize I'm very quiet lately, I guess I'm being very observant right now to my surroundings. @_@ I'm not as shy with strangers as I chat it up here and there when I go out, which means I'm opening up more. Can't complain about that.
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