Wednesday, December 09, 2009

T.O. Trip Day Twelve. Last Day

I wake up this morning and I watch him do his routine of getting ready for work. I soak it in. It's my last day to do so. He's very handsome, I rarely get a chance to see a guy get ready for work in a suit, nicely polished and styling. But it's his spontaneous moments that make me smile, for example when we were at the Science Centre they have these buggy carts that drive about and can give people rides. Well when one drove right past us he started running for it to reach for it. It was SO cute! How he makes me smile. laugh . feel happy. *sigh* why I sighing?! .. I don't know really. I guess it's very rare for me to finally have come across a true gentlemen.

*smiles to myself*
I'm waiting for my upload to finish. as I share more of myself with the world.

My last day I'm visiting the ROM.
I get to the ROM about 12pm and I go and see the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit. Why? I really don't know why. Seeing a part of something that branched off written word for different religions has to be some kind of significance in some way. However I do believe that the people who translated the Old Testament may have bent it to what they wanted many others to believe in today. The Old Version of the early English bible leaves many things open to different interpretations. I eat lunch there at the ROM, after the dead sea scroll exhibit I decide to do what I did at the AGO, was start from the top down. I saw so many things in the ROM it blows my mind. I saw Vanity Fair Cover Shots Exhibit. History of Textiles from throughout the world. In a nutshell in the ROM, I basically traveled around the world and throughout and back in time. Since I took art history in school, I already knew general information about everything I was walking about and looking at. Pieces from Greece, Rome, Byzantine Era, Gothic times, from prehistoric times when the dinosaurs ruled the world.
I stood next to a raptor skeleton and thought to myself. If it was really one on one, I think I could take it on, possibly, maybe. OK I know the chances are slim but I have a lot of faith in myself when it comes to survival. LOL. I do the fastest walk-a-about in a museum that I've ever done. I had to because the ROM like the AGO, is HUGE, and I if I started when it opened then I may have had enough time to do the whole thing. But still it's really big with a lot of pieces to look at. (I think getting lost in the ROM was what really made me lose some time in there). After that though I got the gist of the general layout of the building and found my way around quickly after that. I leave at 5pm, Frankie gets home from work before I do. We get ready to leave since we are heading home to Vancouver together. It's his first visit back in 3 years. We get our bags from the condo to the streetcar to the subway on to a bus that took us to the airport. We lugged our hearts out. Frankie = Superman ♥ to have been able to lug the giant suitcase that my sister lent me. At Toronto Airport I find that I may have lost one of my earrings. Some of the staff st the security check was kind enough to look about for it. I think, perhaps it was fated to remain in Toronto.
We fly back to Vancouver. I'm uncomfortable on the flight as I fall in and out of sleep. My neck hurts trying to sleep leaning back on the headrest, I find it most comfortable as I lean my head on Frankie's shoulder. I feel a little hesitant as I do so. I don't want to be clingy. Though I am naturally affectionate person to friends and loved ones a like. Hugs and such. We arrive at YVR and my big suitcase is the first to come down the shoot. Frankie is quick to ask if that was mine. FIRST! I proclaim. He helps me grab my bags and stack them on the push cart. His comes out soon after. We part ways, I'm a little saddened. Not at the fact that Frankie and I had to part ways (okay maybe a little). But at the fact that no one was there to greet me yet from those that promised to pick me up from the airport. I feel the warmth of Frankie's last hug leave me and I call my dad who says that he has yet to arrive at the airport yet. Typical. It's one of the reasons why my expectations on my family are low. They continuously break my heart in some way some how time after time. My dad then arrives at the airport but I can't find him then he is quick to yell at me and proclaim why I was dumb and not able to find my way to where he was, where he said everyone else seems to be exiting. In all honesty I didn't even know where I was really, all I know was I was in the arrivals in the domestics. I try to find him, but I fail the the process because like I said, I didn't really know which part of the airport I was in because this was the first time I'd traveled alone within Canada. He shouts at me through my phone (*something I dreaded and was one of the reasons why I didn't want him to come pick me up, his actions / words towards me stresses me out a lot*), then he only to comes to realize that he's in international arrivals he asks me isn't it the same exit? I tell him it's different and separated. I had flew in domestic. I had been waiting ten - twenty minutes, I don't think I can explain how alone I felt during that time as everyone that were on the same flight I was on had already gotten their bags and had all gone. My emotion was a mix of sadness and frustration as I sat there by the passenger pick-up exit on the bench looking at my bags before me. He eventually finds me and I get through the quiet car ride home with little conversation about my trip. I get home and the one guy that seems to truly missed me the most yells (barks) at the two who had decided to leave him out on the trip to pick me up. He gives them an earful and then me as though to ask where I went before he gives me a little welcome kiss home. ♥ I give him a hug and kiss. Before I had left on my trip, I had thrown my bedsheets to wash, my bed is undone and I spend time doing my bed as I now am blogging in a newly freshly made bed. Oh yeah, when I stripped down to hop in bed I found an odd bump around my stomach. I was like, what on earth is that?! It turns out to be the lost earring. ♥ I guess God does love me. The strange thing is that I didn't notice this bump when I had took off the other sweater I had on earlier. Or when I was on the plane, I did search myself too earlier when I had lost it. It just appeared like magic.
Magic, is the only word I can describe how my trip feels like. I can't believe I'm back, like the 12 days that I spent in Toronto were a dream. I should sleep. I have to clean my room and re-organize and do laundry and what not tomorrow.
Vancouver, I'm back.
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