Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Missing Days of February

On the 15th was mom's birthday, and since she doesn't like just a bouquet of flowers, I remembered she liked a hole pot. So I got her a pot of flowers.

Just the other day, I was testing out a hockey bag that I left on the floor. I reach for my phone when Darren texted me and I caught my dog all comfortably sleeping.

Strange Exertions

He tells me he can't read people all that well about how they feel... what they are thinking... but he reads me so clearly.

I'm worried.
I'm quiet in thought about my on/off health issue. He asks me what's wrong. I shake off my thoughts and reply, "nothing" but he was keen to notice and says that he can tell something is wrong. I didn't want to bother him with every little detail. I simply replied, "...nothing" . That is one of the reasons why I don't blog all the time now. Although my blood work, urine and stool test from the doctors came back "OK"... means nothing to me when I'm still feeling sick time to time. And one factor that scares me the most keeps re-occurring. This one little thing, I just don't like to share with the world. Darren thinks it might be the fact that it maybe MSG that's making me sick. This fact makes sense to me, is I get sick often when I eat at home because my mom uses MSG in her food quite often. That's why in the last few years I've slowly stopped eating certain foods at home. Choosing carefully what I put in my mouth and also cooking more. It's just too bad when I do choose to prepare foods at home my parents are quick to nip pick that what I'm eating isn't good for me. Funny, I laugh to myself when they say this to me. That I should cook my raw salads and not buy pre-sliced cooked turkey meats and etc. I don't know what it is, but they think the world is full of so much bad foods. If you don't cook them the chemicals will get you. They are also against "organic" foods. When I eat, I eat all my salads and fruits NOT at home. In doing so this also builds a strange tension between my parents and me, believing that I don't get my intake of fruits and veggies because what they don't see, they don't believe happened. *sigh* .

I've been losing time lately. My energy has been focused on various places. Mainly Me. Trying and focusing on feeling better ( you have no idea how down I am when I all of a sudden feel sick in a day, I just don't feel like doing anything anymore, just go home and sleep, but I don't. I work on. ) I focus more on work through out the days. I've worked every single day of this month so far. ( Rare, since I'm an on call freelancer ) But more work doesn't hurt, just means more money. :P . I spend time with Darren because well, he takes me out of my element, doing new things. I think sitting in front of the comp at work is enough for me at times. But then I return evenings to my lappy, editing the last art video I shot. Don't get me wrong though, I feel blogging is very much my personal ME time. I miss it at times. I'm blogging at work right now.

There are a few images and moments that have happened that I would like to journal down that I will hopefully post tonight as I return home. I think husband ( Mr. CC *my dog* ) misses me. He stalks me every time now I'm home. I took him for a run the other morning. I think I might have tired him out.

Lunch break over.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Delicious Delights

Since being with Darren, it's been full of good eats and treats. Fun moments in the kitchen :) . We've made fried rice together, pancakes, cookies, meatloaf, chicken wings, and tonight was pasta and salad. I was at T&T the other day and I had to take a pic of Hello Kitty Candy. Really... mMmmm A mouth full of sugary Hello Kitty... sounds wrong? no?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goodbye Nightmare

I woke up very heart broken this morning. SO SAD!.
I had a nightmare where I had to say goodbye to the greatest friends that I ever had through out my whole life. Say Goodbye for good cause I would never ever see them again. I was so sad! I cried and hugged them.

I woke up at 8am and stayed up a bit to edit and went back to sleep for a little while longer before waking up to call Darren. :(

I hate waking up and feeling so sad.
so sad. :(

Missing Days

I've been trying the last few days after coming home from work to edit. I've been working out again. After working out I end up trying to edit my video and what happens? I pass out while trying to do so.

Tired. Working downtown has sucked up so much energy. The program I'm using constantly crashing doesn't help. I want to push my next video out but it just hasn't helped.

I'll be working on it.

My days?! where have they all gone? I don't remember. Working hard. training a new girl at work. etc etc. but the world is seeming more ... busy than ever.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy ♥ Day + Chinese New Year

This morning we made pancakes. Ingredients of which we shopped for at the grocery store the night before after having Chinese New Years eve dinner at my house with the parents, sister & fiance and brother. I made the pancakes this morning as he chops up the fruits that topped them. He tops off the pancakes with the fruits and cool whip whip cream. Later on in the afternoon we make chocolate chip cookies together. Bringing some over later on in the evening to the dinner with his family. Meeting his parents, grandma & grandpa, brother and two family friends. A warming experience I must say, to be so humbly welcomed. Grandma was especially adorable sneaking photos. She was so excited to have gotten a picture of Darren without him having made a face. ( He always seem to make faces in front of the camera. )

I learned two fishing knots today. One is tying two lines together and one a basic fishing knot when tying a line to a hook. We spent a little time making some hoochie lures. ( Fishing gear ) Helping him get ready for the upcoming fishing season.

I tried to edit some more video but turning 3 hours of footage into 3 to 5 mins is a hard feat. I guess video of the week will have to wait. Maybe I should edit footage from Bamfield. It's late and I spend it trying to editing, blogging while watching the ending of The Rock on TV.

Night world. Time for another work week of the corporate world.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm taking a quick moment at work to blog. YES @ Work!
Life has been hectic with meetings and work and trying to edit my next vid for the world to see. Art time lapses take a long time. I have to consider the following things.

Maybe it's time for me to get data plan on my phone. This allows me to blog while I travel back and fourth to and from work.

Maybe it's time to update my software on my comp the latest mac programs since the 08' imovie does not have time lapsing abilities and I've been doing it by hand all this freaking time.

I worked out a bit last night before bed and when I woke up this morning. I edited on the train this morning cause well I had the time to. ( BUSY my BUTT ) getting to work DT was a breeze. I can't believe I haven't blogged for so long. I've been waiting to post pics up from my Vancouver Island trip, but I need to clear space on my laptop for me to be able to do that. Toronto Pics are still on my system and clogging it up. Time to make new memories :) .

Summary of the Week.
Monday, shopped at the crowed 'Bay' in PC for Canada Hoodies. Saw Darren on Tuesday. Had a meeting with Sundeep in Wednesday * meeting of minds * ... we seem to refresh each other in inspiration. :D . During the meeting he was very in tuned with what I was trying to say. What I was vibe-ing from him. Where he is and where he needs to be. He says during the meeting. "Wow, my brain just took a bath." ... Work Thursday, Edited all week. Work today... work work work work...... die *ding* *dead* X_X

mmmm what is happening tonight... I wonder when my pics will be posted. Randomness from here on out.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Beautiful Cloudy Weekend

Friday evening.
It was a mad dash to wrap up work and meet up with Darren to head down to the ferry terminal. I ran from work to the skytrain station. I was so impatient when ran for the skytrain that I really wanted to kick some people in the back that just stop on the escalator. Don't you just hate that. People that don't really follow the rule of thumb? If you're going to stop and stand, you keep to the right ( the slow lane when driving ) if you are going to walk then you go to the left. I made the mad dash from downtown, transfer at commercial. I must admit, the running made me sweat. I stopped sweating when I got onto the Millennium line and made my way to meet up with Darren at Burnaby Lake Station. I was however stressed out and my stomach pains started again. ( This was when I knew for sure that stress was the factor to me getting sick ) I felt sick on the way back to Darren's parents place as we picked up Steve and Connie there and made our way to the ferry terminal. The trip was long and a bumpy one at that. The road into Bamfield is not for the light of heart or those that get motion sickness. I told Steve and Connie as Darren hopped out of the car for a break, that the road in reminds me of two things, one is the mouse at playland. The second is the wooden roller coasters your ride at amusement parks. The jitter to the top before that drop. Except here, Bamfield is the drop. The excitement at the end of the bumpy ride up.
It was so dark when we drove into Bamfield, Darren kept waking my little drifting mind up from mid dreams as we got closer and closer to town. I very much felt his eager aura, a little hint of the love he had for this little town that sits at the edge of this island off the beautiful coast of our province. As he gave a quick little tour. The cabin was so dark as we drove into the property, but the cabin lights were lit. I flowed Darren in from behind as he was quick to head into the cabin, a little dark shadow runs by me in the darkness and I unknowingly made out a cat but wasn't too sure. I walked in to a warm cabin that was heated by a wood burning fireplace. So cozy feeling as I walked in. I love that feeling. :) A man that Darren and Steve refer to as Uncle Neil was sitting on the couch with his lap top on the coffee table apparently playing online poker.
It was already late when we reached the cabin 10-11pm or so. We simply went up stairs to a shared big room with two air mattresses on the floor. Set up our beds and it wasn't soon after we fell asleep. To the sound of coughing old men and the smell of smoke.

The day started drizzly and didn't really lighten up. This made Darren a bit upset, I could tell in his eyes. There is so much more we could do here when the sun is up and out, when there is NO rain. We woke up with Darren heading downstairs to make breakfast. I was the second of the four of us to get downstairs and when I did. Darren was already cooking eggs and had the croissants cut in half and had cut a couple slices of pears. He was heating up pre-cooked bacon on a pan as I got into the kitchen. Uncle Neil poked fun, saying fresh bacon is just better! :D
We eat breakfast together and relaxed a bit round the cabin and it wasn't too long after that we headed out to Pachena Bay and took a walk around the beach. Though the drive in was closed off we parked along the side and walked in along the beach. I got some great shots. :) Beautiful, just beautiful. There was more than one photo that I took of the surroundings when I thought as I stood there that it just felt as though I was looking at a painting. The beach was during low tide and it just seemed endless. Shells poking here and there in the sand. One of which I said was very pretty and took a photo of as we were heading back towards the car, Darren picks the little shell up and cleans it off and tells me to take it with me. I protested softly at first, but this gesture is one of the sweetest things someone has done. I watched him as he brushed away and blew off the sand that remained on the little shell and stuffed it into my right jacket pocket. I took pictures of different shells and things that I came across on the beach. Random things as well. On our way back to the car we were flowing a set of paw tracks, of which the boys said to be raccoon tracks. I said they could belong to a dog ( wishful thinking ), we never really found out what they belonged too. The tracks ended not to far from the car but lead back into the wooded forest. We soon headed back to the cabin, but before doing so Darren took us for another quick drive tour about town. There wasn't much to see really. Everything seemed to exist on this main road. As he drove down to the boat launching area, Two Great Danes started to chase the truck as it drove down to the docks. Darren seemed to hop out of the truck to meet them and wasn't even scared at how big these dogs were. I hopped out soon after, ( I am an animal lover ) These dogs were big, standing alone their heads were up to my chest. But they were timid and gentle, I let them sniff me and they allowed me to pet them. One white one which wore a light red collar and a black one that was a bit shy and smaller. The bigger white one seemed very sweet as it came up to me side by side with his partner in crime as he smelled my hand and licked it. Allowing me to pet him as well. This little event of randomness and gesture from these big creatures somewhat made me feel quite welcoming. I wanted to take a picture with them but they ran off as Darren though they would want to play fetch and threw a stick for them. They seemed to give off a little energy that made me think they were a bit scared of us to begin with, but got a bit bored of us as they just trailed off home. Darren slid down the walk ramp by foot and made it all the way to the end standing which made the rest of us astounded that he was able to do that so flawlessly. As we slowly took our time to walk down to the dock. We looked about for a bit and slowly made our way back up the walk ramp. Steve and Connie walked down by the boat launch and Steve picked up a star fish. I ventured closer to take a peak and feel. This experience was better than going to the aquarium, you're seeing things in their element. He placed them on their backs at the end of the launch to see if these creatures could turn over on their own. Not just one but two. I needed to go to the washroom so we headed back to the cabin for a break and lunch as well. After some hot dogs for lunch Darren suggests to me to head outside for a bit with him so he can show me how to ride the ATV. I filmed him as he brought the ATV back out from under the porch, Steve was out to take it for a bit of a spin and warm up. Where he filmed me riding it for a bit. I really wanted to go faster but didn't want to scare the boys if I went too fast too soon. It was fun actually, after two small rounds about. I thought to myself.. I kinda want one. If I had my own, I don't think I would hold back on how fast I would want to go. But Connie even gave it a go after a bit. Then the boys took us on a bit of a ride to show us how it should be ridden. I was giggling most of the way ridding with Darren. It was really fun :) Soon after, it started to rain a little harder so we headed in for a bit of rest. We head upstairs to our room and all take a bit of a nap, waiting for the rain to lighten up. Darren was determined to get a fire in the fire pit going. ( I noticed this during the trip, he's a very determined guy. I kinda like that. It shows me he has the kind of strive to want to get things done especially plans he makes and sets up. ) The night came about quickly as we dozed off. I come out to make the campfire with Darren, after he started it up and the fire got a bit blazing he did something unexpected. He pulled me close in an embracing hug and started to doot-da-loo a little melody and swaying side to side in a little dance. It happened so quickly and at the same time it made me think of a goal he just broke. I smile. #38. Dance in a random place with someone randomly.
After we got the fire going, we head back into the cabin to find that Steve and Connie had started to cook the pasta dinner. The boys head back out to build up the fire some more as I helped finish up with the dinner stuff. Slicing up the garlic bread to toast them, stirring the sauce. All in the while as me and Connie chat it up. :) . We all eat dinner together and that night we roast marshmallows by the fire pit, and did a little marshmallow ( chubby bunny ) contest. But we didn't have to say chubby bunny. Again I could only fit 5. Steve did 10, Connie hit 9 and Darren was a winner with 12 ( I believe ). The night ends and we wake up to a dry Sunday morning.

We didn't do much this morning but got up and ready packed all our gear. Darren was first again to go down and make breakfast. I was second once again to be down after sleeping in a bit longer. We basically ate all the food we didn't finish the yesterday. Leaving a little behind for Neil to finish off. The boys worked on the boat for a bit as the girls watched, walked about, went back in the cabin to watch a movie. The boys finish a bit earlier and came in a joined us. We all took another nap before leaving and heading back for home at 3pm, to catch the 7pm ferry ride home. By the time we reached Darren's parents house it was already 9:30pmish. We went in for a bit to say hello and got introduced to his mom. *shy* . The house was quite large on the inside and warm as well. We left soon after, Steve and Connie departed ways here as well. I say goodbye to his mom and that we'll see each other again this weekend. Darren drops me home around 10pmish. I'm not too sure on the hours here.

On the way home I realize this one weekend. Darren broke three goals in three days. ♥
#38. Dance in a random place with someone randomly.
#51. ATVing
#72. Vacation Vancouver Island.

(will enter pics soon) Although the trip was mostly cloudy and drizzly I still had a great relaxing time. It was nice to see, smell, feel and soak in a little of mother nature again. I went without Cellphone reception and my laptop for 2 nights and 2 days and now it's back to work life now and the city.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Work Out With Me

Link to Blog of Post Weight Update posts

Work Hard, Play Harder

Well I filmed this week, twice. The first time in many weeks. It takes a lot of time to edit and effort to film, I wonder if the rest of the world knows this. But this week has been hectic. Lots of working downtown. But since I work hard, I have to play harder! :)

I haven't blogged much cause there hasn't been very much to blog about.
Besides seeing Darren time to time. mmm I dunno. What can I say about work?

Work: lots of work. The heater in our building is broken till monday. So I will be wearing very thin clothing till then.

This upcoming weekend I will be out of town. No cell reception or internet for me. Basically Camping. I'll be crossing off a goal off my list ( maybe a number of them ) Darren says he's going to help me cross off 25% of that list. He's taking me to go on a weekend retreat to Vancouver Island. Bamfield. I've never been on the island, and not even on the ferry. LOL, I wonder if he can pull that huge feat off of 25 of my goals. Cause I'm still working on it saving up money for some adventures.

Latest Youtube Video. Work Out With Me.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I'm Just Fine

Well I had work. I also called in to see if the medical centre had gotten in my results yet. They told me that everything came back just fine. I wonder now and then if I'm just fine, what's causing me to feel sick a little almost everyday? IBS. Really, even when I don't even take in Solids?. There was a fire drill that go set off in our building which allowed me to walk Robson for about half an hour looking for tights. I was out of luck in finding practical ones that would keep me warm. I work and go home to meet up with Chad for dinner, Chad is someone who I went to high school with and is looking to get custom artwork done for his new house that he had just purchased. He takes me to Richmond, Tropica Malaysian and Thai Food Restaurant. The food was good. I end the night chatting away with Darren. :)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Weekends On Ends

I haven't been blogging every day when the weekend comes because, I'm living a life!
Getting out there and spending time with family and friends and loved ones. Here's a recap. Friday after work, Darren unexpectedly texts me that he's off early from work and wanted to pick me up. ( I went into panic mode ) why did I go into panic mode? I HAVE NO CLUE! This guy maybe the sweetest little thing ... EVAR~! My heart starts to skip a beat and I start to feel anxiety. OMG ... am I falling for this guy?! already?! @_@ *heart pounding* I calm myself down. Why am I getting my panties all in a bunch?! He's just coming to pick me up. I worked on and then when it came time to leave, he even waited for me as I had to work a bit over time. When I got to the car I was expecting an angry Darren, only to have him greet me with a big hug! On the way home he says he got me a birthday present as he giggles and passes me a scratch and win. Just the other night he said that he thinks I'm addicted to them, I said.. no I'm addicted to scratching. LOL.

Friday night. - Introduced Darren to Parents, went to TnT Coquitlam - Got groceries, I Made him Indo Mei and he made edimame ( which he calls ediname ) and eggs, and he bought bbq pork, Movie, Without a paddle. Orange slices for desert. Got him to try the crab chips. Later on that night we sat back and watched Without A Paddle, one of my favorite funny movies.

Saturday. woke up went to the mall in Coquitlam and I tried on dresses at H&M. For the night's fancy dinner at Shiang Garden's for Ethan's One Month Party.
We later on made a trip down to Surrey, where we went to a sandwich shop. Salam poked fun at me for a second. Wondering if this guy that I brought along with me was my boyfriend. I say no, just someone I'm seeing. He then goes to call Darren a side dish. But we all laughed about it. When we left we went in search for as shop where we got some water from a convenient store and sat in the car and Darren ate the whole sandwich ( I made a bet he couldn't and now I have to cook him dinner ) as I only ate half. We later on went to his atv store. I sat on a couple of ATV's and Trikes which there was one that was really cool! He gets what he needs from there and drops me home. I put up my new curtains that I had gotten wendesday night and I fall asleep on the bed. I soon get ready for baby ethans one month party. Got headache, kareoke bad idea at baby party.

Sunday morning. got ready to head out to Steveston. Met two of Darren's friends. Steve & Connie. Sweet couple. Though I must admit that I was a bit shy to strike up any kind of conversation. I just didn't have any questions to ask. We walked around the pier since their store wasn't opened. we walked about the pier and it was nice and the sun seemed to be peeking out from beyond the clouds now and then.
We hit up walmart, getting the neccesaries that are needed. We joined Darren's friends for dinner at their house. I brought Darren over to my sisters house.

I just finished a painting and filming it as well.

Later On Today, Meeting.