Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I'm Just Fine

Well I had work. I also called in to see if the medical centre had gotten in my results yet. They told me that everything came back just fine. I wonder now and then if I'm just fine, what's causing me to feel sick a little almost everyday? IBS. Really, even when I don't even take in Solids?. There was a fire drill that go set off in our building which allowed me to walk Robson for about half an hour looking for tights. I was out of luck in finding practical ones that would keep me warm. I work and go home to meet up with Chad for dinner, Chad is someone who I went to high school with and is looking to get custom artwork done for his new house that he had just purchased. He takes me to Richmond, Tropica Malaysian and Thai Food Restaurant. The food was good. I end the night chatting away with Darren. :)
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