Friday, February 05, 2010

Work Hard, Play Harder

Well I filmed this week, twice. The first time in many weeks. It takes a lot of time to edit and effort to film, I wonder if the rest of the world knows this. But this week has been hectic. Lots of working downtown. But since I work hard, I have to play harder! :)

I haven't blogged much cause there hasn't been very much to blog about.
Besides seeing Darren time to time. mmm I dunno. What can I say about work?

Work: lots of work. The heater in our building is broken till monday. So I will be wearing very thin clothing till then.

This upcoming weekend I will be out of town. No cell reception or internet for me. Basically Camping. I'll be crossing off a goal off my list ( maybe a number of them ) Darren says he's going to help me cross off 25% of that list. He's taking me to go on a weekend retreat to Vancouver Island. Bamfield. I've never been on the island, and not even on the ferry. LOL, I wonder if he can pull that huge feat off of 25 of my goals. Cause I'm still working on it saving up money for some adventures.

Latest Youtube Video. Work Out With Me.
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