Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monster Slayer

I awoke this morning with a sore body. I had the strangest dream of killing monsters.
My dream started strangely where I was surrounded by strangers and people that knew me and loved me. Though I didn't know them. I was with a mayor of some town that I lived in. There were problems that have been sprouting around town and it seems as though many of them had come to me with them. Some people had the notion that I was a spoiled girl, coming back from a long absent trip. I wasn't. Not here. I lived in a wooden exterior apartment that was on top of a rundown little shop that I'd open when I was in town. I don't know what it is I sold there, all I know was I owned it. People were following me from my reunion with the town mayor back to my apartment. All I can remember was someone's notion of what and who I was when I responded back to them as I was walking up the wooden side stairs up to my apartment. "YES, I do live here." I entered the house. I don't remember when was the last time I had been there, but I knew I had rented it out to some old lady for a while before she passed away and I had reclaimed it back. ( how did I know this? ) I don't know, my brain was prepared for the smell of disgust because someone had told me she left the place a little untidy. I entered and was upset at what it is I saw. The little old lady must have had no relatives to come by and claim any of her possessions. Her cat however was claimed by someone. Since the cat litter box was still there. The place smelled like cat pee and there were news paper piled up and bare walls reflected nothing but the light that came in through the windows and gray surroundings. I didn't stay long. I was called out to a school that had a dormitory with students that seemed to have a problem with not just one but two unsightly monsters. Unsightly not because they were ugly, but only a handful of people had spotted them. One was killing people. The other was simply spotted around, scaring people here and there with vicious growls and snarls and swipes of violence. Apparently I had dealings with the NON-killing one. He's like a man Sasquatch, he was white and gray fur covered his whole body. He was roughly between the height 5'7 - 6'0 tall. I know this cause I've tried to kill him before, just never figured how to. Be-headings never worked, he would pop back up the next day with it reattached or regrown. He had the ability to rejuvenate and quickly heal. We had such interactions with one another that he knew that me being violent with him when I was in close attack range was one of "me trying to find his weak spots". Or relations with one another was strange on the fact that he spoke English. This monster was not just any monster that couldn't be killed, he was intelligent and communicative which annoyed me even more, he was smart and hard to catch. Enough about Chuppa, what I've nick named him. The killing one. He was last spotted out of all places a church. Apparently it enjoyed being there and would return there night after night of killing. In the back of my mind I didn't know if this creature was one of innocence or playing with the house of God. He hang around the outside of windows around the dorms, going from window to window. Looking in. How do I know this? He spotted me as I was in one rooms of the building. He looked like a big orange furred orangutan, his fingers like claws, his eyes large, but unlike an orangutan, he had a pointed face. More like a lemur. It moved quickly and swift, more like in a blink of an eye. I had an idea of dressing up like it, in the thought that this creature might be territorial so if he believes I am another like it, it would confront me. As I was changing into the costume a loud scream could be heard echoing through the corridors of the building. I changed out of it as I ran towards it source. Chuppa me along the way. Not to fight, but to tell me that if anything was to kill this creature it would be him. It did try to kill his mother, or something like that some personal vendetta. He told me that unlike him, his mother was furless. ( human perhaps? ) and this thing hated her for it. It was somewhat of it's weakness. I responded to Chuppa with violence. Since I knew he couldn't be killed in any way I knew how, I did not that wounding him slowed him down. Because he needed time to recover and heal. I kicked him in the head, and tried to behead him as threw me off, I landed on my feet. I jump him from behind and stabbed him a couple of times with knife into his heart. I jump off and continue on my way with him following me and yelling at me. Saying something like "this won't stop me" my reply was, "but it'll slow you down." He stopped as he stood there and sat down to heal, as I made my way to the church. When I got there people have already crowded the area. I shouted for them to get out, as though they thought the house of god could save them, I sadly said that this house of god had become other wise. People had to exit slowly as I eyed the ceiling along the wooden beams. I entered the building knowing I may have to go in bare.

I woke up. Now this story is in my mind. I wonder what it means.
I spent last night exporting Darren's fishing trip, this morning trying to figure out how to create dvd's on my macbook. success. I can make dvd's =)
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