Monday, March 08, 2010


Within this next week I'll be upgrading my computer, or at least trying to re-organize my life a little more ( Technology wise ). I dub this journal entry relapse. I'm starting to feel sick again. It started at the sisters place as I stayed over the weekend. I realized when I'm over there my intake of carbs are higher. It was great to spend time with my baby nephew as he sleeps upon your chest and curdles into turtle position. I have nicknamed him turtle. ( little turtle ). He likes to be held a lot, and very strong for a 2 month old. already able to push up on his little legs on his own. He seems like he's so frustrated most of the time. Just upset he can't communicate what it is he's trying to say.

Work was stressful. Being on my own in the office means I have to be on my toes, check both comps for emails and incoming work and clients.The phone kept ringing today, yet no one but an automated voice plays back at me. I wonder, when did automated dialer become more efficient than a real live person. How do I even get to talk to someone real any more, at least someone when it really matters.

I was about to cry on the train today as I took the west coast express to Coquitlam. I was just overwhelmed by the stress, the fact that I'm starting to feel ill again. The fact sometimes this leaves me feeling a bit... lonely.

Me and Darren went out to eat sushi today after stopping by a bestbuy to check out some electronics. He's in the debate to purchase a new tv, a new bed, or a new computer. Me, I'm just looking for something that can help me back up all my files on my computer cause my 80 gig won't cut it. At SU Sha Ya we had all you can eat. Some how the things he says, and way is at times he seems to have a way that lightens my mood. I ... smile.
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