Monday, March 22, 2010

Silence, Work, Music-Run

I was in a bit of a small panic this morning when I found out I hadn't been in contact with my boss all weekend to know if I'd be working or not today. I did however got the chance to text him only right when my phone died. So he couldn't respond to me! I thought I'll text him from Darren's phone, only to realize I didn't know my bosses cell phone number off by heart! I had good visual memory but not photographic! So I rushed to the laptop and sent him an email. ( which I know he gets on his phone ) I waited ten minutes then said.. F-it I'm going into work and emailed him again saying I'm going in. I travel for more than an hour to work without music. With Nothing. I read the paper. I went to work wearing a dress. :) I actually like wearing dresses cause well cause makes me feel pretty. On the way to work I stopped by staples and got a charger for my phone so I wouldn't be uncommunicative to the rest of the world for the rest of the day. I go to work to find my boss already in. busy bee. I work all day mostly in flash. Setting up files for the boss to multimedia. I work away till the end of the day and I smile at the thought that the sun is out. I rush home, get changed and go for a run. My first 5k of the 2010 year and it wasn't very much of a run. I run the sum of a quarter of the way and I'm already cramping. I'm so out of shape :( but by the end of it, I felt great. I love running. Not just running, but running outdoors. The air ( cold or warm or hot ) the feel of the world, the terrain, the hills. Singing out loud. Matching the beats that echo through your headphones to the footprints of the your steps. The sun slowly going down as you run to make it home before it fully sets. The goals you set for yourself and feeling better than you started. I wish I could running every other day, I just pray for sunny days now. Cause if I rush home in time, it's going to be a running day :) .

Dad upsets me again. He asks me about money. I hate talking about money. I have it, I save it. I don't ask anything from him, I barely ever had through out my life and yet he still puts me down about money. Money may be needed through out life, but it should never be a priority in life. You attain it to lose it, it's not something you can take with you when you die, you can pass it on to someone but what is it worth in the end? I hate talking about money.

I'm looking forward for the April long weekend. It's a prelude to Darren's birthday. I've secretly gotten him a present and I can't wait to present it to him. I just hopes he loves it.
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