Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Do You See When You Live At The Center Of The Cyclone?

September the 29th (Ognamus) Libra
The day of the Charged Reactor -
"Those born on September 29 fight an ongoing battle to maintain stability in their lives. At times they can feel that they are masters of the universe and at other moments not worthwhile at all. Such swings in their mood and self-image are most often due to an underlying lack of self-confidence. Many born on this day gravitate toward family situations where they can find stability for a period of time, but eventually move on, sometimes to a more isolated existence.
September 29 people are generally highly attractive and capable. Yet wherever they go, whatever they do, uncertainty and instability swirl around them. (They may, for example, have great difficulty staying with either the right career or partner for long.) Often they are like the eye of a hurricane, which although itself is calm, is surrounded by violence and turmoil. Though September 29 people can appear dispassionate to the world, they nonetheless arouse strong reactions in others, both good and bad. They must beware of accidents and antagonism which can come their way. In order to get a handle on this danger, September 29 people must sooner or later face that it may be their own repressed emotions which call forth such disturbances. Thus self-understanding is an important commodity for them to cultivate as early in life as possible."
Accidents of all types are an ever-present danger for September 29th people intil they begin a process of self-introspection and self-knowledge. They must learn to be more trusting and to open up emotionally at a deep level...
Advice -
Sit down and figure yourself out ( even if it takes years.) Put yourself considerable talents to good use. Gain self-confidence. Organize your life but retain your spontaneity. Tear down internal barriers and obstructions.

Strengths - Technical, Intense, Capable
Weaknesses - Obsessive, Insecure, Isolated

Book: The Language Of Birthdays
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