Thursday, April 22, 2010

5k Run on Wednesday

Start time 6:55 .. finish time 7:30 = 35mins for a 5k run.
I smile at those that I come across. hello biker guy . hello Asian neighbor.
On my run I run by an old man's house who seems as though he just returned from home and is about to go into his house.
He calls out to me..."What are you doing?!! You're beautiful, you don't need to jog / run!" ... I smile at him... and say "Thank You!" ... awww love tank filling.. :)

hmmm I have a roller hockey game this Saturday. Apparently we need people to play. I feel so handicap without a License now. I can't go do something that I promised Mia I would do. I'm very ready to learn how to drive. It feels like the events happening around me are preparing me for this time in my life to take this big step forward. Learning how to drive is not an important skill set to me. But it's going to make me much more better of a person, then I can be there more for the people that do need me to be there.

Before I went for my run... I found out Pigey lost some feathers. Probably hitting something when flying around.. or the dog. I felt bad for him. He let me pick him up a few times. He tried to fly but doesn't get that he can't.

Dinner time... I'm gonna try to finish the book tonight.
It's opening up my eyes even more. More self-revelations = more growth.
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