Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear Past Relationship Guys

[ this is a random vent of the morning ... just a random thought ]

Thank You.
Thank you for breaking my heart and taking a piece of it with you when we parted.
To those who I broke their hearts, know that ... those moments broke my heart too.
Who I am today is better than when you once knew me, or of my love.
I hope that my love was great and meant something to you when we did love each other.
That you were happy. That's all that really matters. That us parting was the best for the both of us.
The truth is I forgave you a long time ago. If I hated you and If my love and affection was an object. I would kick your ass to get it back. But it's not and I can't and I am just kidding. I've learned that I shouldn't hate you, because I'm awesome partly because you made me awesome.
Therefore, I thank you.

Time for me to become more awesome-er.
Take Care, Much Love
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