Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Was Boss

I looked so "boss" this morning. Which means I looked like I ruled it all. I looked really good. So good...I got looks. :)

I've been feeling sick lately. But I felt pretty good this morning. Till around the afternoon.

Work was a bit hectic in the morning. It's never good when you work for a web & graphic design company and the internet goes off. Not a good sign. What can we do with not internet!

After work I went to Nicki's place to watch the Hockey game.
When I was boarding at Commercial, a guy stands there before me and as he looks around our eyes catch and I smile at him. When we got off the train at the same station... he challenges me to race me down the stairs and next door across the street. I notice he is holding art supplies in a bag and a tool box. I laugh at him... I ask if he's an art student... he looks away and says no, that his girlfriend is taking a fashion thing. He then asks if I was heading there and if it was me that he saw the day before. I laughed as I walked out of the station and started to part ways. I say... NO! I graduated there. I'm done A.I! hahahaha! We said goodbye and parted ways.

Before the game started as I was with Nicki, I was reading the book I've been reading. "The Five Languages of Love" by Gary Chapman. As he watched T.V. He says that books are for losers. Then I replied, "then you should be reading a book." :P . As I read I come to realize that my MAIN love language maybe. "gift receiving". Now this does not mean object or things. They could be messages. To me it's the meaning behind the gift... Not the actual gift. The gift means nothing if there is no meaning behind the gift.

I spent a nice time with Nicki, talking and asking what he appreciates the most out of a relationship. I read out the list to him and he says he believes his is quality time. We watch the first two periods of the game together before he drives me home because he had to go into work anyways as well. I get home to catch the last of the game. :) Vancouver comes back to prove those who have lost hope. I prayed during the second period to let them win... I always pray for them to spread their wings.
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