Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Past

You don't run away from the past. You walk away from it with grace. You move forward, You pause every now and then to glimpse back and when you do you smile at it with a nod and a wave. Be thankful of the events that has happened. Bad, Good, Laughs, Tears, Heartbreak and Love. Be thankful that they ever happened. That you were even given the opportunity to do so. That you lived some kind of life and experienced the things you have because there are so many others that live in more dire conditions. You never want to walk forward into the kingdom of heaven and ask "why?" to God. "Why" he did put you through those things. He'd probably give you a smirk and say, "Have you learned nothing?" and make you re-live your life all over again.

When you know what it's all'll meet him and the first words out of your mouth could be, "Thank You"... and he may give you a smirk and say, "welcome home."

There are certain things you may not be able to control... But Choice is a powerful thing. The choice to change / remain the same, the choice to love / hate, the choice to move on / stand still. Choice to be happy / unhappy. Choice to Live / Die.

I choose to Live. To be happy. to move forward. to change. to love. even if it's myself. When you look back and smile and wave. You wave goodbye and nod and smile at the past to pay respects. Because where you stand now, is not where it once was, where the landing of the fall was harder felt. You're wiser for the experiences that life puts you through. It takes practice to find and live in pure happiness. Because Life would be so boring without all these things. You're here to experience something greater than you can ever imagine. To figure out just what kind of impact you have on the world. If you feel inadequate...I have to ask... what's stopping you? What are you going to do about it?

Have you learned nothing?

I left work today with the rain sprinkling down.
I walk towards the small little mall...I look up at the sky between the building on this Georgia Street. I feel the rain lightly fall upon my face. I look down back to the ground as I continue my steps forward. I find myself smiling as I remember the moments I was held lightly...when I once loved the rain. For a moment today...I didn't hate rain.

I'm changing everyday. I'm making choices to change everyday. Like today, from now on I will smile at the eyes that meet mine. Because I rather spread joy, and love. Than never have some kind of effect on the this little sad world we live in.
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