Friday, April 16, 2010


This pic was taken when I got caught in a middle of sun and rain. I don't know what to blog about today. Last night before I passed out I said what I was feeling with no hold backs. I messaged some friends at work, who kind of give me a little sass when I don't keep in touch with them time to time. I texted Darren about our dinner, to let me know when it's a good time for him. Though I miss him. Though I would like to be with him, see him. I wanted to call it off. I don't know why. He messages me back to re-schedule.

I need to see the rainbow that lies between the saddest moments that life offers and the greatest moments we all experience.

I think I may paint tomorrow. I wonder when I'll get my camcorder back from repair from Sanyo.  I think I'm going to do city walks Vancouver. Film the events of my self adventures. Too bad I strongly wish I had a companion to accompany me to these places.

I watched most of the hockey game tonight. Drifting in and out of sleep as I listened to the announcer. My eyes shot open near the final moments of the game and I got to see the winning goal score.

I hope tomorrow is sunny... I may go for another run. To get ready for my roller game on Monday.  My stomach has been slimming down but my weight seems to be maintaining 115 -117 average. Dad thinks the scale in my room is off by 10 pounds heaver. So what I'm really 105 - 107... no... I don't think so. I think I'll be happy when my tubby tummy is gone. 
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