Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walking Mr. CC

There's one thing I noticed when I was walking him today.
He likes to go up to people. He automatically assumes that everyone will love and pet him. I took my camera out today to shoot, didn't get a lot of anything but just one nice shot. A white cherry blossom tree is losing it's blossoms and blowing them down to the path on the walk. One nice shot can sometimes make the day.

I miss the days when I took my camera out to take pics, but somewhere new and exciting. I kind of miss Toronto, taking pictures with Frankie. Or watching him take some pics. Or even Bamfield, Bamfield was beautiful. The endless beach. Pachena beach is the kind of place I kinda always imagined getting married if I ever got married on the beach. LOL. That place was so...unreal to me. but I would want an outdoor wedding for sure.

Maybe I'm just missing spending time with someone. I don't mind being by myself. It just sucks. Life's not meant to be spent on your own. You're supposed to learn things on your own. But it's just better with someone by your side.
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