Friday, April 30, 2010

Work It Baby~!

It's interesting. I have this dress that I bought in 2004-2005 when I went back to Malaysia. It was one of the rare finds to me that I totally fell in love with when I got it. My dad thought it was a sleeping dress, which it isn't, but it's one of the ones which I thought the material is different and the fabrication quality was really nice too. But I also seem to always get looks when I wear it. I shall call it my sexy dress! hahahaha. God I'm lame, nono.

I had to rush back to Metro today to get my heals from the shoe repair shop and my dress from the alteration shop. ( and yes this is where I got all the looks and even a whistle today... yeah I'm sexy! ) When I went to the alteration shop and tried on my newly fitted dress ... OMG! how awesome it looks! I can't wait to sport it this spring and summer and all year round. And the shoe repair shop was way cheaper than what I paid downtown to fix it. I might just go back there.

I ended up doing some more shopping. But for work clothes. I went into forever twenty one in metro to realize that a lot of their clothes are for SBG's making me feel so LAME to be in there. But then I found a couple of clothes that actually look very good on me. Thank you new body for allowing me to look so good now in things I wear. I'm looking for work dresses that can also double for casual outings. I get home to film a little ... a couple weeks ago I said to myself that I would try to keep more in touch with friends. I'm actually making an effort now to make plans with good friends for dinners or just to hang out. It takes a lot of effort to keep relationships going.

Tomorrow is going to be filled with that. Be visiting Nicki in the morning before I go to the Vancouver Art Gallery then after that I'll be eating dinner and watching the game with Ben at the Keg downtown. Ah Ben, still kinda upset about the day he bailed out on me but ... he's trying to make up for it.

I think I'm going to be stopping my efforts with Darren and DC. I already deleted DC from my msn to keep me from messaging him. Darren.. not needed because he barely goes on. I wanted to try to keep a friendship with them two because, the quality kind of person that they are are hard to come by. But if communication is something that they lack. I really don't need that. You treat others how you want to be treated. If you don't talk to me, I won't talk to you. It's a mirroring effect. As for love.. there is one thing I learned... what you deal will come back to you in full circle. The broken hearted will become the heart breakers and feed the cycle of the broken hearted... or the heart breakers will become the broken hearted...and so on and so on. I simply stopped after a while... I know how it hurts when your heart is broken... I don't see the need to break any ones heart that way. I'll throw out signs and say it up front if I'm not interested in someone... they will know after one chat session or after one date. Yes, I would like something more relationship wise.... but I rarely pursue or get into a relationship with someone unless I really like them or see potential of a great relationship... but I don't feel like that's ever going to happen anymore.., Like its a figment of my imagination. It's like trying to touch a rainbow. You see it, you believe's so magical... but it's something you can never physically attain. Until someone comes and proves me wrong... makes me feel like a million bucks. I'll enjoy my single-dom and continue with my sexy self... thank you very much.
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