Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to Normalism

Ok, I'm going to be honest. It's getting harder and harder to make up titles for my blog entries. It's my second day back at work and everything is falling back into place nicely. Except when I came back from my trip I had forgotten a little someone. I had forgotten to love him so much that he died yesterday. Bob. Bob died from neglect and starvation. I'm a bit sad because well he was all white, which means he sat in the dark, hungry and all alone for the longest time before he didn't have it in him any more. :( . Bob II ... may you BOB your way to heaven and meet Bob I. I'm SO SORRY! *tear* I had forgotten to tell someone to feed you when I was gone. Or I should have brought you with me in a bottle... in a plastic bottle. NO that would have been cruel. Ry says that when he gets back from his trip we'll go pick out another Bob.

Man... Calgary trip was crazy unreal. Full of hopes and dreams coming true. My heart melting unexpectedly. Unusual moments with people I used to date. First experiences of the City of Calgary and Clubbing.

I dragged Ry to meet my sister yesterday. It was unexpected for the both of them since I didn't warn the other before deciding to drop by. I got the chance to see Ry before he left on his 3 week trip to Europe and I got to see my baby nephew roll for the first time with my eyes in the flesh. He was so cute, always smiling when he sees me smiling at him. He gets very hyper. LOL . My sis was upset I didn't warn her about the drop by with a guest. Ry's a nurse, he's used to it seeing people in their worst.

I'm blogging quickly at work. Tonight is my second driving lesson. I need to figure out how I'm going to get my hours on top of my car lessons. Not worrying about it that much but it's something I need.

Ry flies off for Europe today. I wish I could have joined him but it's not my time. However I have the strangest feeling it will be soon. I'm thankful for him more than anyone knows. He's the only one I have no doubts with, or at least yet. Which is a good sign.

I'm reading a new book. The Greatness Guide. After reading my last four books I feel like my heart already knows how it's all going to turn out. May the Greatness Guide ... help me reach more of my potential and what it is I have to offer myself and the world.
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