Friday, June 25, 2010

The Draw

LOL I'm talking about the lottery again. It's at 50 Millions again. I just came across this song on Jin's youtube.

I remember having this conversation with my sister that if I ever was a millionaire I would try to build this program in Vancouver that picks a selective few people that really really show they want to change their lives. I had a weird idea of where you have a building which is a core location of where it's these people who signed a contract. They sign over their lives to however long it is it takes to get them back on their feet. May it be drug addicted people, or just a single mom that fell through the cracks and made the wrong choices and she has no where else to go. Create a reality tv show where there are camera people follow and recording their daily actions. The hub is where they will live kinda like that other show on TV- not intervention the one where they are at the rehab. They will live there for free as they get help as in counseling, skill building, even education. The center will have a drug sniffing dog that will go and do inspections randomly because of through out the course of the program illegal drugs will not be permitted on the premises. Nor will people who have not signed on to be part of the program. Visitation from family would be encouraged. Well as for it being a reality tv show. My thought was. If it was local - and they had family members watching, they would be supportive in that way. If one of the programs in this re-rehabilitation program is to help these people find and get new jobs, you can get local sponsorship for the show and not only that, I'm kinda hoping it would build community. Nothing creates more change than the big companies that strongly believe they can make a greater change. The building alone would also have *in hopes* lots of sponsorship and advertisement. So if the show becomes a hit, there's enough revenue coming I hope eventually it will be on it's own - self sustaining ( I know It would take a couple millions to make this happen but it would be well worth it ). Sadly though there are consequences. When I brought this thought to my sister she asked. Who would you know how is allowed in this program. I know right off the bat that not everyone would be willing to sign their lives away from privacy so that also clears a lot of people who would apply for this chance to change. I said to my sister, those who are willing to chance it and apply and are wiling to sign over their privacy for what I'm willing to offer as a multi-millionaire then they should be deemed worthy. My thought was if they graduate the program to help those get back on their feet they are provided a home for a few years until they are fully able to sustain themselves and move out or the location can be offered to them as a rent to own location. I know a few things if I implement this... more jobs would be created for security, nursing, counseling, therapists and for cameramen who would so be my watch dogs and rats. I need to implement a three strike rule that if they are druggies for example and drugs are found in their system or in their possession through random drug checks or room searches of if they are caught on camera using. They have to be thrown out of the program. ( my sister said that may seem a little unfair ) I said, NO. It's not. Because once they get into my program they are provided everything for free. Shelter, food, counseling, education, training, all they had to sign over was a specific amount of time which is their progression rate of time which is used to better themselves. ( They also sign off to be filmed ) They made the choice to sign the contract which is a promise to themselves and everyone that watches the show that they are committed to change. If they are given three chances and they break them I have to make room for someone else that truly believes in themselves enough to want to change. If a multi-millionaire is reading this ... do you think this would work? This reality TV show with a hub of chance of change in the lives of so many. If I was given permission to do a show like this if I were a millionaire... my first episode would actually be me walking around and asking the people on the streets... the homeless ones... look in their eyes and ask..."What is it that you really really want and how can I help you make that happen."
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