Monday, June 07, 2010

The Secret

I'm reading The Secret. It says to write down all the things you're thankful for. Start thanking for things that you want to happen to you, in your mind believing that they have already happened. Live like you have already received it. This way of thinking if funny to me because this was one of the things that not too long ago hit me and made a lot of things turn around in my life. But the book has opened up my mind to the possibilities that there can be more. I'm capable of more.

I became thankful for the past, but I hadn't been thankful for the future. Some visions that I see so clearly that I know they are bound to come true. But I didn't thank the Universe for them yet. Maybe I should. Because then when it happens I know it was meant to be because I had attracted those thoughts.

For example. I had a dream of my nephew before he was born. Was it a law of attraction that I foresaw him before he was born, that I new by instinct that he was a boy and would look like mini Peter?

One thing that I hold dear in my heart that I actually secretly wish to see come true are my kids. Wow right. To dream of your kids before they were ever born. I blogged about this before but I never wrote the whole story. I wake up to the sounds of kids laughing. My bed is so puffy big and soft, I seemed to be drowning in a sea of blanket that was engulfed me, everything seemed so white. The sun had already brightened up my room and I got out of bed, pulling on the closest clothes I could get my hands on. I let out a sigh and stretch a little as I got closer and closer to the giggles. I enter the kitchen. It's so white as well. With large windows that seem to overlook something that leads into a garden and back yard, because beyond the white of the kitchen, is green of the tree, and grass and bushes outside. To the right, there were three kids at the semi-round table that faced the open kitchen, two sat closely. My nephew and my son who's a few years younger. As one sat a little more to himself. In my heart I new one was still in bed. I asked the boys where their sister was and they say she's still in bed. The boys at the dining room table, laughing, giggling. One asked, "mommy why are your pants so big?!" following their question with more giggles. I still hear their giggles in my mind. I see their faces and my heart can only wonder how their father looks like. I smile and say, "What? You don't like them?!" I danced the MC hammer dance for them and they laughed some more. How I loved their little giggles. *heart warming*. I turn to my husband whose back is to me and I hug him from behind. Thanking him for getting breakfast ready for the babies and for me, cause he was still cooking. I bring a plate that was ready for me to the table and sit down next to one of my sons who seems a bit sad, he had glasses and was around 7-9 years old. I picked up his little face and said, "hey baby, what's wrong?" he looks up at me and pushes out a grin and shakes his head and sweetly says "nothing." I think my husband said something about hockey, but it was then when I started to hear his voice that everything seemed to faze and I seemed to wake up.

I wish I could sketch out their faces to you, but to be honest, I'd let the Universe work this one out. I am thankful for having seen this dream. It reminds me of a future I could and can have. Beautiful babies, in my house, in my beautiful kitchen. A wonderful husband. I'm thankful because it makes me believe it will happen.
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