Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strange Series Of Events

Yesterday was a long yet wonderful day.
I painted until the hours of the early morning or 4-5 am and after I hit the hay and got a couple hours of sleep I woke up and edited to painting footage for a new youtube video. I went and got ready to go for roller hockey. I was worried about playing because I had hurt myself a bit at the end of my run on Friday. I made my way down to Metro town and somehow made my way through the crowds of the mall weaving in and out trying not to hit anyone with my gigantic hockey bag and stick. My team mate was sweet enough pick me up and I tagged along with her to 8 rinks to check up on her ice hockey team. I am so sore right now. *sigh*. We went to the rink at Killarney and it was beautiful how it was redone. However the rink was really hot. I felt like I could cut the air. I didn't score but that's okay, and we lost by one to one of the best teams in the league in our division. I tagged along with my friend and one of her buds Ed to Dinner at a Korean Restaurant. Whenever I go out to eat with K it seems like we go Korean. Anyways this place was good *thumbs up* We had hot pot and seafood pancake *one of my favorite things to eat!* After dinner we head on over to the park in Burnaby, to an Easter Seals 24 hour relay event. K ( my friend from hockey ) used to organize it and this year had passed it over to a friend to take over. We walked around looking for this camp site of people. It was getting dark and when we found it. I literally couldn't see who was who and who was part of this group. I couldn't see anyone's faces that it turns out that I knew like 3-4 people there! Yeah! This was a team that I had heard about months ago. Call themselves something that sounds like Beaver Fever but not.. the little singer that everyone seems to love these days. Turns out my future sister in law is part of this party, my future cousin in law and one of her friends ( I don't know if she's dating him or not ) But he used to be best buds with one of my X's when I was in high school. I hadn't seen this guy in like 12 years! It was funny cause I was standing next to him in the dark without ever knowing it. I didn't recognize him till he was in the dodge ball court. @_@ I've been having a weird year with people from friends from ten years ago come back into my life. This was one of them. What are the odds.

This Easter Seals event seemed very fun to be honest. You exercise and hang out and chill with friends while camping out for a day while raising money for a good cause, and best of all maybe for me I'm thinking networking purposes. But if I do this next year I will definitely promote it via Youtube and try to get as many donations as possible. Hopefully by then I will have tons of fans of my art and of just me. Tehehe. When the timing is right. Art show!

My friend posted this on facebook and I love it. I seem to really like instrumental songs with a good beat.
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