Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Sacrifices, No Gains

No Sacrifices, No Gains
Well during the week, I wanted to go clubbing on Friday. Yet as Friday came closer and closer I was upset about the fact the bf had traded his work day to work that day. I wasn't upset about not being able to go, it was more about the word that he had said he would go with me. He apologized but oh well. Not everything can go your way. Suck it up and turn the situation. I end up finish writing the lyrics to the beats that Esjay had provided me and ended up recording it that night and sending off my version of the song to him for review. He enjoys it and tells me that we should make that an actual song. That I have to practice hard now. Hmmm never though the day would come so soon. Actually working towards a song to be released for public ears. Hmm makes me nervous but then I think about the fact that it's no different than having some one see your artwork. It's the same basis. One sacrifice for the night was another step towards a goal.

Saturday- Ry got off work at 7am in the morning. He actually let me drive from my place all the way back to his. I thought he would rest but he was nervous as it was pretty long distance. I didn't tell him it was my first time driving in rain and it was pretty pouring. But we made it home safe and sound. It's not that I can't drive. I just need to practice. I didn't do much sat- it was a good lazy day. When we got home we slept till 1pm or was it 2? After that Ry did leave me in his room by myself for a while as he went and ran some errands but I played my DS and kingdom hearts. I don't even know how far I am in the game. But Mmm I didn't mind.

Sunday - wows no sleeping in day. Woke up early to shower and get ready to head down to abbotsford for Honda Way first annual car show. There was food, live performer. (Elvis impersonator and dancers ) . A silent auction. There were over 80 cars and Ry won second place. The other trophies when to a classic ford that was so old school that you had to crank the engine to get the car going. And it had wooden rims, a horn that you had to squeeze an air pump thing to make it sound. Lol it was pretty cool. The day was a wet one with random showers and dry sunny peeks through the clouds. Thunder and lightning, and pours again. It was off and on, but everyone stayed till the end of it. I bid on a philips sound system where you can plug your iPhone/ iPod into the dock and play your music. And it's also a clock and alarm as well, radio, etc. Values at 150$ - 170$ and I bid 75$ and won. Good deal right :p. All proceeds from the show went to Canuck place - it was pretty awesome event which I have a hunch will grow larger next year. At least I hope so. After the show we went to eat with some new people I was introduced to by Ry. Some Ry didn't even know. Lol we went to Wings in Surrey. I had one of the typical moments that I've gotten quiet used to. The - being the only girl at the table. They kept calling Ry - Bobby Lee. I don't think he looks like him at all. But oh well. Dinner was good. The other boys were set on going crabbing as me and Ry decided to call it a day. I like their mentality were they didn't let the rain damper on their plans. I hate the rain. The being wet and cold feeling. Blah. We we ended up going by shoppers to spend this 10$ gift certificate I had gotten not too long ago. But it was expiring the day of so we went. I got nail polish and ice cream. Wow- ten dollars sometimes doesn't get a lot. Then again it depends on how you spend it. At night we put on a movie. Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. I couldn't believe the people in the movie. Sting?! Lol wow. That movie was one of those well round about movies. Where the story comes full circle with crazy events that all collide with one another.

Well that was my weekend.

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