Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Morning Rush

The Morning Rush

I should have went to bed earlier but lately, it's just been...let's see what else I can get out of the way. Yesterday was sort of a funny kind of day, where work was slow but I got majority of what was needed to be done out of the way. After work I met up with DJ at blenz at SFU. He told menof his business venture and in exchange of my services I will get personal training sessions and diet mapped out and some other stuff. It was funny, just earlier my friend gave me the offer of a website design for free music lessons from one of the top music teachers in Canada. That's a good trade right? How do I trade my services to get myself an apartment. No sexual offers please. I will only do art and design work.

I am in need of a new comp. The one in my possession of work which is really my brothers computer which is filled with stuff. Stuff I don't know if I should save or delete. I should start backing up my stuff again, but I really don't that much important files on my MacBook at the current moment. Well my new computer has been decided, that I would like a Pc. However I would like 3 monitors. Why three? Well the most of us design on one or two. I would like three. One monitor for file organization, one for pure design(one infront of me) and one for whatever. A movie? Pure email and messaging. Anything I need - file transferring needs? But a friend said three maybe over kill. Maybe I just like symmetric things if I'm going to have a comp screen in front of me, then have one to my right and another to my left.

Last night I ended up reformatting the blog. Why? Because I added a new page to the site . A new list that was a part of the homework that DJ gave me. A victory list. To date and write what I accomplished that day. May it be small or big. The site is pretty and still plain. Man I should start attaching pics again on here. Text is no fun. I'll do some later today.

Man people are asses these days. Just gave up my seat to an old man with a cane. Personally, most of these people around me probably got more sleep than me. But as in getting things done. Mmmm I dunno. Live your cycle of work and money. Life's going to be over before you know it and you'll ask where your time went. Yay some of my things got shipped. So I'll be expecting packages soon. Christmas presents for family and the bf. Things for the renovation downstairs. I'm happy that this month, although I spent money, I'm still going to able to pay it off and save. I have to get back on track for my 25G's goal. I'm kind of disappointed that I strayed from that but, it's good to be at zero - scratch that- it's good to be in the positives. I should start making cheques out to the dad soon. I should call shaw as well. Hmmm I'll do that at work:

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