Sunday, October 17, 2010

Return To Me : Sketch

this is only a sketch of an upcoming painting I will be producing soon. This series I hope to hang in a Starbucks soon. The girl is only going to be a star of one canvas as the other ones will grace pandas on them. So more sketch videos coming soon. This video took 2 days to shoot well evenings. I sketched for 7 mins and then the power goes down in my bf's room. Apparently the power tripped. I didn't even do anything didn't plug anything in. Maybe my laptop. I continued the sketch the next night.

The music to this video was produced by me through garage band. Lots of time, layers and beats together. You never realize what sounds sound great together until you try layering them and placing them together. I love music! <3

I realized as an adult, it's really tough to maintain a relationship with someone working around one another schedule considering both members of the relationship don't live with one another. Friendships are different now too. High school was high school but when you live your own life, work and are pursuing a dream all at the same time. Your friends are only good enough to make time for you as long as your make time for them.

I've been feeling off and on sick again. Probably one of my main reasons when I don't blog so much. Some symptoms came back for a few days. My stomach hurts once and a while. Thus makes me don't care since ... my body is not caring about what I eat that makes it I'm eating whatever I wanted the last few days. But yesterday was a good day. Great food and no sick feeling.
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