Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sleep Sitting Up

I'm drifting off the sleep as I write this. A bit of a mix of emotions.

My website was hacked . twice. I was not too upset, but I guess I just don't get the hacking thing. Hack banks and what not. I'm not even popular. Right after the hack mishap I started to think what I wanted the new site to preform on. I am now thinking of a new site design. I uploaded the program to run my site on friday night. Did my skeleton this morning. So basically the site is now mapped out.
I spent most of today working on the site and then I renovated. Worked on the washroom and the kitchen downstairs. Then I worked on the cover art. and painted some more.

More let down. Boyfriend was supposed to plan something for later I guess today. - He said he'd do something... then admits he forgot. I bet he even forgot that he would try to party with me this Halloween. I said this so long ago... what am I feeling? I'll be honest. I'm disappointed and at the same time I feel like.... this is so typical. Especially when it comes to guys and me. Really... I'm surprised I even feel disappointed about anything anymore.

Brother said no to the room swap again. Then I remembered. That used to be my room 10 years+ ago. I would like it back.
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