Monday, October 25, 2010

Strange Findings

Strange Findings

We all do it, there's always something that reminds you of someone you used to be with. - I was going to say love, but I can't fully say I loved everything about every guy I've dated. But I find myself thinking of someone as I see a big white truck drive by, or parked along the street. A part of me wonders if his life turned out the way it did in my dream.

The bf is late picking me up, thus giving me time go do my daily blog. I missed yesterdays. What did I do yesterday? Eat at Wings and slept and played star craft 2 . I'm trying to learn to be a pro. Lol. I am a long ways from it but hey.

I was listening to a new beat SJ made me and I have to say this ones for me stuck. The tune changes. Do I sing, rap lightly?

Today was nice - to have dim sum on my lunch break with Ry. I loved it. Even though the service was slow and not that great. He is the first bf to have lunch with me on my lunch break. Which was nice.

Oh, my rides here.
My tummy hurts a bit -_- .

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