Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Again with the rudeness

Again with the rudeness
Seriously again with the people just pushing their way to get out of the bus. We are all catching the same train, what is one second to wait for someone who's already standing to clear out first. It's courtesy. And if you wonder why people are rude to you?! If you want courtesy - fucking preach it!
Ok that's enough - well yesterday I went on a huge detour just to get to the art store for the canvases that I'll be painting and putting up in Starbucks. It was the biggest canvas - I had 6 that I had to lug via transit but the worst part was getting there! The skytrain delayed because of most likely a suicide - selfish people - which caused major back up and then there was this other incident with the tracks malfunctioning. Omg really! Then I take the wrong bus that doesn't stop at all stops So I had to do a loop around the city. It was just really bothersome.
Then I had a meeting with some D-Meth members. Some because not everyone was there. I was being drained though. A lot of energy to scattered. Maybe it was just my adventure of getting to the art store.
I'm having troubles shaking thoughts of the past. So I try my best to keep thinking about right now. There really no point in stirring emotions for people who show little or nothing for you. I can't walk backwards when I've come so far forward. Another Christmas is coming - and still strange to break a tradition I've done for so many years- to not see faces I have done for years and years. It's like moving away to another city from family members. And when you run into someone - you feel like you are on vacation to come see them. But it's gotten a lot easier. Just as long as no association is made - no spoken names- no faces - no updates. Then i will be okay. You're living your life - I am living mine.
I have a great guy who makes me smile and laugh every time I was with him.
I think that's all that I can ask from him. To make me laugh everyday I'm with him.
- did I ever note I hate how road crews seem to pick the worst dates to construction at certain locations? -
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