Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Day

Another Day
It's a holiday tomorrow, but it's one of remembrance. To think about all those who died in the wars. Would you give your life to serve a country? To protect the people. I've thought about it- joining the army. But a lot of people say I maybe too short- like when I wanted to be a cop. Oh well.

Yesterday I went to work like any other but the day was filled with forehead hitting at the disbelief at the current client's website that I'm trying finish by Friday. Wow- I really hate doing things again and again. Ahh I'm being paid for it. - what should I eat this morning?- I'm in transit to work as I write this. I'm so blank. Feeling tired. I'm happy the dog slept the night through. I had the weirdest dream about zombies in my house, having an adopted Caucasian son who was a very big kid. I'll tell you right now- I'm si getting a samurai sword this summer, cause again in my dream I didn't have the motorcycle helmet and sword to protect me. So lame!

Anyways- I went off track. <3 Ry drove me home and I set the alarm system I got up. I wonder can I get one with a camera and hook up video feed to a digital picture frame? - off track again. Well I didn't finish setting it up. I went to a meeting with Vik, Shalini, and SJ - talking about this weeks song drop for Saturday. Damn. Which means I should try to load my design programs back onto my comp. Balls. Unless I could use his brothers comp that has the Photoshop and etc. Man what do I do. I should start building my comp. Anyways - we were talking and brainstorming for a photo shoot that's going down thursday. I don't think they need me there. I gave my creative input- I would like to see what creative genius Vik can flush out. I has so much potential. Yet his aura is so lax. Dad asked me last night what our meeting wad for when I was about to leave. How do I explain it? Lol I tried on Sunday. Peter - sisters fiancé - said I should say I'm just in a band. Lol . I collaborate and work with some of the best creative genius' of our current time. They are the creatively artistic family and friends I've been hoping for all the years before. We were all in the thought process last year and just collectively began to hustle. Do - no more plotting to- we spent a year plus doing so. Just do what you want to And focus on that. I like that. I wish someone else was more focused but he's living his own life. I can't tell him I feel like the endeavors he decides to take on lead him astray from his dreams. If you only speak of your dreams and choose to knowingly step the opposite direction from it. That's your choice. No one can tell you the path your on, cause they run their own path, it may run parallel- but we have our own ups and downs and speed bumps. Our experiences are the similar, but not the same. I should pull back now a days to try to make people to see from my perspective- more and more these days I just take it as it is and go on. Think for yourself. See from all sides. Think before you do. Spit out your thoughts when you have them and need to. But listen. Listening is a way of love. It is one of the most simple ways to show someone you love them. Is to listen.

SJ -said we've done what we need to and now we're just waiting to tap lady luck on our shoulder. ( I don't feel like I'm there yet personally ) I still feel like I'm being processed.

Last night when we were going to get a PO box set up for PP- SJ was teaching me some vocal lessons. Me - and my shyness comes out. I don't know why. He said to me something that made me take a moment. He said - "don't be afraid to play."

When I was shying out- he also said... Yes yea.. Natural and good fun and laughs, but we don't we no longer have time for that. We simply can't afford to.

He's right. I cannot be afraid to play. And I have no more time to waste. We should push till the end of this 2010 year. Then push harder this upcoming 2011.

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