Monday, November 08, 2010


I seem to like to skip morning pages in the weekends. Let me sum it up for you.

Friday after work I went to go visit my sister and the baby. I was in the line waiting for the bus when she said she'll come pick me up. I'm holding a package inside with Chrismas presents for people. - that reminds me I should ship a package out back home ( home land ) - that has presents :p . - I accompanied my sister to KFC as she picked up dinner. I ended up giving the books I got for Christmas early. I can get something else for him later on. I got home later that night and wrapped Ry's other present that came in the box. That's night I also got to work on trying to solve the D-Meth site problem of not having a navigation at the bottom of the site to view previous pages. I didn't solve this problem till Saturday morning - where I woke up pretty early to work on stuff.

Later on that evening I accompanied my dad to an Art show where my piece is placed in. Not really promoting this one like I did last year. Considering I kind of wanted to see the caliber of work that was being awarded. And the other peoples. The show made me feel that I should start to paint asian art again. The scene is a bit- lacking. I'm not saying my work is the best. But it sucks when I now have that skills to rip apart a painting. I judge it on every basis. Colour, water control, composition, strokes, flow. Yes I look at every little thing before the whole. I don't judge things on little parts - though little parts make a difference. Art or people. I think composition has to be a critical part of any art. The push and pull of the elements. I'm glad that my first oriental painting teacher taught me this. Then I learned further and more reasons why from my second teacher about composition. Once I learned the basic theory - my paintings started to flow. - I just geeked out. - Okok well apparently at the art show they renamed my piece and then my friend said that they even spelt my name wrong. Definitely not promoting this one. On the way home I waited in the car as dad when to do a job. I was texting SJ in the process. Later on I went to lunch with dad before hitting up home depot with him. It was nice to spend some time with him. Me asking random questions - Like could he play an instrument- the answer was no. We picked out the lighting, some paint, and some other stuff and ended up dropping a pretty penny for everything but thats okay. Dad wad like to me - be sure to keep the receipt! Lol - I know dad. Cause unlike events in our lives - we can return items when they don't seem to work out. I wish receipts came with people. - oh that's mean. We for home and I just placed everything downstairs. Moved some things between the guest room and my room. Then I started making earrings. I made earrings most of Sunday. I spray painted my Munny. Went for a run around 6pm. My 5k jog&walk. Did half half. Got back in 40 mins. When I got back, sister , her fiancé and baby were over. We had dinner together. After they left for a bit I relaxed, baked some cookies. Showered and just hopped into bed after. Thought perhaps the boyfriend would come pick me up since he was flying back from Vegas. But it was predictable he would be too tired. Well I'm off to work.

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