Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't Be Rude

Don't Be Rude
I don't know when the courtesy of waiting for someone who sits before exit or standing in a bus was thrown out the window, but they better go outside and retrieve it cause I'm tired of this - rudeness. I may say that I courtesy wasn't something I grew up being taught with, like many things I naturally adapted through the years as a teen. But when did people stop practicing common courtesy? Don't be rude. What's the rush? This city's full of people who believe their lives are more important than so many others. Eyes wide open please.

Man I woke up this morning with my upper abs hurting. Yesterday I woke up. Made breakfast and ate before DJ came over to give me a -1on1- personal training session of basics. He showed me lightly my nutrition plan, and we went for a light jog and came back to show me a few work outs to do. My arms are sore too. Yesterday was just a light work out too. I'm gonna die later today. If I don't blog Tomorrow morning- I'm dead. LoL. It was pretty funny how when we returned to my place after the light jog warm up how he seemed to be in disbelief when he stated that I made him sweat - my reply - Really?! And we didn't even have sex! :o - I was just kidding - we both have a light laugh - man my abs are kind of sore. No pain no gain I guess. Especially when I want abs. I woke up this morning and ate two eggs - sunny side up. With half a cup of sprouts with cilantro and a slice of whole wheat bread, accompanied with 2/3rd cup of blue berry juice. Sorry no pictures. Pretty filling. As I ate breakfast - two eggs were boiling over the stove. I brought that and a banana to work. Either for a part of my snack or lunch. I have food at work. If not I can go buy some. Pretty awesome where I work considering it's close proximity to a lot of things. I won't deny, it would be awesome to have a condo at the shangri la.

Yesterday after my work out I started to move my bed - washed my sheets in the process. I got that set up now in the new room. I also put up my snowboard rack! It freaking rocks! I'm trying to see if I can move down the dressers today. Then it will be unpacking time. I also have to move stuff upstairs and set up the new guest room. Too bad mom's going to fill it up in no time. But it is their house. And there is no denying that when she dies it will be me that cleans it. Unless I go before siblings - then tough beans Sis and bro. I got the tv cable working - I'm starting to think it's the cable lines that aren't working but I don't think thats the case - I think the old tv in the living room just gave out.

- there's a girl next to me eating a chocolate cookie with chocolate filling- it's morning time- don't you think that shits bad for you? How on earth is your skin so clear?! Shit- some people just have good genetics or something.-

Anyways- I'll be setting up my new room. I am most likely going to paint a multiple canvas painting this week. What am I doing today at work- I have no clue- I hope I get to design something new. Art & Design has become my drug... I need to get my fix.

I might go over some PDF magazines tonight to inspire me some. - and I need to design DJ's stuff. No fair game if I don't hold up my bargain.

I think I laid in bed with Music blasting at my head this morning. This shows you I can probably sleep at a rave. - through a storm. Shit - I might just die in a natural disaster.

I should do a new video today or sometime this week. Not only Desi Method's Fan base growing- so is mine. It's one whole connected entity now. One will help the other regardless. We're all connected some how- just only some of us are more aware of it.

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