Sunday, November 14, 2010

Evil Envy

Desi Method is going on 9 weeks in a row of putting out songs every Sat. and this weeks was Radiophonic. We had a meeting earlier this week about how the shoot should look, but I simply wanted to plug ideas in and wanted Vik to take control of the shoot and see what he could flush out. More than anything I want to see what this crew is made of. To be honest, they have yet to fail me. It's one of the reasons why I'm still in it to win it.

I spent Friday night and today with Ry ♥ . We slept like bears till 12 *super lazy!* and then got up and got dressed and went to dim sum at Dai Tong. Really good, but I felt like we ate really fast. After dim sum we went to PNE - there was a shoe sale going on. Ry thought he would be able to score some shoes. Turns out to be all girls. On the way in it said some "petite" shoes sale signs. What a crock of lies! Considering they only had one sad little rack of 5&1/2's ( had like 4 pair of shoes on it ) and 5's. We left and went back to his place and took a nap. Woke up, had dinner and went to go watch a movie in Coquitlam. We watched "The Social Network" - After watching Social Network - it makes me feel like... Making something from an idea is not crazy. A lot of things that exists today were created by thought and following though.

Then I go home - and the help of Ry ♥ and Dad ♥ my shelf goes vertical! Awesome. Which means later today will be filled with moving down into my new space and unpacking! What What. I should finish the washroom, sanding the ceiling and painting it though before actually using it. After I move the electronics down I have to now figure why the TV cable isn't working.

I got onto facebook to check stuff to notice one of my 'face' friends just got engaged. Wow. I didn't think she would - well at least before me that is - that's so mean of me to say. This is ugly sze talking. So just ignore these green eyes. I'm happy for her and wish her the best. - Restarting sucks shit! there - I said it. Being in a new relationship with someone who cares and is different - is awesome - to be honest, would not trade 'now' to go back for 'then'. Then already happened. What's awesome is surviving the downfall and picking yourself back up. Everyone who's survived a split - especially from one that promised so much - deserves props. You now know exactly what you should have, that you're still here - and that's all that matters and make NOW matter even more.

I should sleep. it's 2:12am - and I have work out session with personal trainer DJ.
My brain doesn't shut off as I like it to when I'm on my own.

Dear God: Let Desi Method - be the/ produce triple threats in & to the industries. Thank You.

I thought about this the other day... How I want to say to people who really know me. Stay by me and I'll be true and stay by you. Believe in me, it's all I can ask for. I will try my best to never fail you.
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