Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant
I'll be honest, I really don't know why I named this sleeping giant. Bf just got off work and I didn't know he was coming to get me. Atleast not right when he got off work. Well now I can't go back to sleep and I had to finish the design for this weeks d_Meth song drop. We had a get together the other day ... I don't remember if I blogged it but my creative family is just the right kind of friends that don't really ask.. What do I get from doing this? But more of... What can we do for you? - which was a Dejavu moment when Brian said it.

I'm hungry- today I'll be going to get my comp built and I wonder what is the right monitor to get. I worry I'll find flaws and hate it.

I had a weird dream with my friend DJ in it. Errr won't go into detail but it was weird.

Do you know what series of numbers I keep seeping besides doubles is now 8:08 - what is the significance of that - I don't know. I am running out of white paint and I wonder where and when I need to get more because I want to do this series right. I started the painting and get frustrated at the fact the mother has been snooping through my things. It is obvious when things are moved and taken away and such and such.

The thought of wanting to move out keeps tapping in my mind, but I just don't have enough cushion to do so. If you don't know what I mean by cushion - it's the money for when I feel safe enough to be on my own. 10-25 grand. So the saving plan had been set back with the new year holiday and the computer purchase and Reno costs. But that's ok. I'll still be able to go into the new year in good financial standing. Work has been growing so- no lack of work.

I have been feeling tired lately but only cause my brain keeps going. The sun also plays a factor on me. I love the sun. I read somewhere that a Spanish lady registered herself a the owner of the sun and now wants to charge everyone who uses it. Really?! Good luck. Cause everyone and everything in this world basically uses the sun. I find this a strange train of thought. What happens if some other being in from some other planet registered it. In the ability to claim something that is not even on earth to be yours unless you created something and sent it off to space. You can register yourself as the one who discovered it. But if it is not physically with in your reach- if it existed before your time, it's not even here on earth - what right to do you have to claim that it's yours? I mean things on earth are worldly. Here on earth you can claim you're the discoverer of something before anyone else on earth - star and planet. But when it comes ownership. You have no rights to do so. We are not smart enough to know any universal rights- when we have not had full proof and communicative abilities with other beings that exists in this universe.

It really is like claiming the air is yours and charging everyone who breathes a fee. Everyone would say- fuck off.

We pay taxes though an fees. Eco-fees . For the water we use and the air we pollute. Where this money goes- I really don't know.

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