Friday, November 26, 2010

Trails Of Me

Trails Of Me
There's a piece of me left underneath the stairs- in the cabins - on the island. They remember the magical place you brought me where the sand seemed to endlessly meet the sea. Do you think of me when your feet walk on to the sands?

There's a piece of me left in a moment of time. Where celebrations mixed with confusion - when you squeezed me in your arms then decided to let me go. Will you think of me when a new year turns to past?

There's a piece of me left hung on your walls - where water flows and bubbles rise onto the surface. How a trade seems more than just. Do you still love me when you look upon them?

There's a piece of me left within your memories. And it's the same in reverse. Is it a trail that I'm leaving? or a silent curse? Scattered images through out time- where I can no longer call them mine. There are so many of you that I've sadly now forgot - forced to push them out of mind just to save my heart.

There's a piece of me left- it lingers through out space and time. How I journey on and on with no daily grind. I try my best to not remember - emotions stir about. That's about all that comes to- the heartaches and the doubts. So I live it day by day - which turns to months and months. I know the ones who love me now- don't say it very much. They show it in the things they do - it makes me smile in my heart. There's a piece of me left now while i'v crumbled all apart.

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