Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waking Up Happy

Waking Up Happy
It's good to have this feeling. To wake up and snuggle warmly in your bed. Alone is not how I prefer it sometimes but a little alone time doesn't hurt.

Time: 8-16 in the morning and I wonder if there are any unwritten rules when sitting on the skytrain. How your legs should be, arms. EEhhh I'm small. Anyways- I spent last night re-uploading design programs onto my laptop. Success is what makes it that much sweeter. Designing in my warm room is good. Maybe this will buy sometime to save up what I need for the new comp build. I mean I have enough to purchase it now but that's sacrificing some spending money and saving money per month. I think Um just glad I can design off my lap again. But I know for a fact that I can't video edit time lapses on there anymore and the laptop will soon have to dubbed as work only and travel. Where the files have to be cleaned out regularly.

Do people not lean forward to relief shoulder contact while sitting any more or is that just me not like touching other people too much. I spent last night designing my friends logo which I will continue later tonight and also someone else' logo. Never a bad thing to make more income. Never a bad thing to be your own boss. Man I really just want to draw and design and paint all day and get paid for it. I mean I get half of that at work but I still do a lot of admin and business relations stuff. Essentials knowing how to conduct yourself so well over an email that someone thinks that you're your boss. But the ability to speak to the client and talk them through a situation is key too. Hard sometimes to feel you have to dumb yourself down at times when speaking design, web, or programs. Shit life sucks when you feel that way but it's a good thing to know you understand something more than some others - or they wouldn't be calling on you.

I came home last night- before I did I was thinking how to move things out of the studio space - only to find everything's been moved! I was pretty happy. I wonder if dad unknowingly feels what I'm trying to do. Makes free space for me to paint. I will need to hit up desserres tonight as i just got the text of how big the canvas i need has to be- but it's all good. Life's good.

Funny story- the other day me and the boyfriend went to superstore where he parked in the expecting mothers spot. I frowned against it but then asked if I was I probably wouldn't tell him for two months. But I was just kidding. I ended up walking around extending my stomach with air and I wonder if boyfriend noticed I did that - Hahha did it for fun and didn't feel like being yelled at but then again I was wearing a pretty bulky jacket.

I love having a guy that makes me smile and laugh every time I'm with him.

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