Friday, November 26, 2010

What did you do yesterday?

What did you do yesterday?
Dad left for Chicago - or at least I think he did considering he left early. Wow I think I only had a few hours of rest till my mom barged in my room to tell me it's a snow storm and wondering if I'll be going to work cause she won't be. Unless there's like a foot of snow - I don't think I have an excuse. I mean - it's not school - we don't get cancelations with work. Unless you get fired. I'm so hungry. I hope no one bugs me tonight cause I want to purely paint tonight. Or create - graphic design wise. No interruptions please.
Yesterday I had work as usual and then after - I met in person someone I had been meaning to meet for a while. This guy to me is talent. He feels so well in the loop of Vancouver. And me little shy thing. I think what he does is pretty brave - the events - yet he thinks I'm brave for the YouTube stuff. I'm having a moment of Dejavu - of several events. Strange. We spoke about what we do and what we would like to do. But if I was to meet anyone - this guys a good add to my list of people in my circle. Yes yes- after an hour of that I head on to home depot to buy a sander considering that ours at home had magically disappeared. I kept debating if it was worth it to spend so much more on a sander that sucks in dust as well. Even the sales man said no- because it only does 60% reduction on the dust it's producing. Really- shit that's not very much. So my 100$ purchase turned into a 40$ one since the mouse sander was on sale. I got an extension cord for my room as well and left. Head on home and the time seemed to fly. Even when I called my dad about picking me up- he was like- you said 20 mins. I was 20 mins away - he said it felt like 5 mins before I called him back. Yes- I'm not the only one feeling like time is going so fast. I tried to tell him I wasn't that far away.
After dinner I started painting. This thing is more difficult to conceptualize more than I thought. There's one thing about seeing it in your head and then there's another to make it come to life.
Umm my train stopped and witnessing another come pull up behind us is kinds scary especially when you're closest to contact point if it was to hit us! Anyways my train started moving again.
After painting I emailed some things off- an invoice - deposited money- and then went to go sand the washroom. The power sander did make it much more easier. - took a shower and went to bed. By that time it was already around 4-ish.
Now today- I get woken up by mom. I had ignored all my alarms. I got dressed and smiled as I walked through the snow to the bus stop - the bus however was late. By a lot and skytrain seems to be having delays as well. - I'm making today a glasses day. Just a little too lazy to put on contacts today.

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