Thursday, December 02, 2010


Anyways I don't have much to blog about. Had one of the best sleeps I've had this week. By myself that is. I had a meeting yesterday with SJ and went home after- worked out - downloaded some stuff for the computer which ended up short circuiting my whole basement when I turned it on. Then again I had the heaters going. I realized I have to move my computer to be closer to my art area for when I film my art time lapses. It would be ideal to Keep it as is but sometimes life says pick. I passed out researching more layouts on how my new portfolio should look like. I think I have one but uncertain and looking for more. Is it that difficult to look for already made templates I can just custom alter. If I could write the code for a total custom design I would but I need it to function flawlessly. Right now it's like I have no resume to go with what it is I do. I have a rough idea of how I want my print portfolio to be. I just have to look for my hardware now. I have to put away another 200-300 to get the new portfolio printed.

Yesterday was the first time ever I worried in a long time when I purchased my bus pass that I didn't have enough money in the account- well just that account since I only keep up to 200$ in my cheaquing account. But I was safe cause I had transferred money earlier last month.

I'm just not into blogging today maybe later. I hope tongi home tonight and just paint. Flush out a vision.

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