Saturday, December 18, 2010


My thoughts are all over the place and the last thing I need from anyone is be-littlement from anybody. Especially hard when I feel it from the significant other.

I find myself looking in to Condenser Mics and audio recording equipment. Gadgets. I got to figure out how I can set up some things on the new comp. Such as my camcorder. Considering it can be used as a webcam for pc's. My design programs aren't working. So I'm trouble shooting at the time. My macbook's filled with files I have to convert. I still have to produce the music for the next two songs to push out as youtube videos. I need to clear the space on the comp in order to film the remaining last two - three videos.

What's in store for tomorrow, I really don't know.
I need to build my jewelery rack / holder.
Put up the christmas tree.
set up the guestroom. move some book selves. ( That's if I can )
Move out some of the renovation tools into the storage room.

There's nothing more than that. It's going to be interesting tomorrow.

I'll be honest, I'm feeling a bit upset at the moment. There's really no helping it. I'm going to make a list of what I really want before I die. And how I go about accomplishing them before I do.
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