Monday, December 20, 2010

Relapses Suck

Relapses Suck
For the longest time I was feeling so good. Tiny symptoms come back. I told SJ and advised I should work out and just keep at it.

Bf stayed over the weekend at my place. He arrived in the afternoon of the night before where I had finished the 6 piece panel background. We had dinner at a near by restaurant called the Chili pepper house. And then the next morning we went for dimsum and an attempt at Christmas shopping for his parents. But Ry likes to do his research before purchasing anything. I went looking for a jewelry rack cause mine is non existent since moving. And now I'm looking for a jewelry box or looking into building one. Ry thinks I should just buy one. But things out there just don't have enough to hold my collection of awesome earrings. I got my closet extension where it allows me to attach an other row below my existing hanging rod. So I have two tiers. At least I was somewhat. I video edited as the boyfriend slept. He sleeps a lot.

I'm a little annoyed this morning at translink. Ok- I misses two busses initially. That's my fault. Than I decide to walk up a few blocks to catch the adjacent bus. That one passes a minute earlier than it should by the stop. I was 30 seconds away. Then I return to my normal bus line. Ok I'm early for the next bus. I walk up a couple more blocks. I hit a stop at 8:15 and text the time to see at what time the next bus comes. The time says 8:29. I'm decide that is more than enough time to walk to the next stop. Then as I make my way to the next stop at 8:18 the bus passes by me. I was pissed!! What kind of bus system comes 10mins early? Wait they are not only early they are late and rarely on time. ( I think The bus systems should just be more often. Every 15 mins. ) I walk along the bus stopping road and I miss another adjacent bus. And then I just decide to walk to the bus station it took 30 mins. I'm really upset at the total amount of busses I missed today which is in turn gonna result in me being late for work. Oh well. I thought I would totally be on time today. But life just works in mysterious ways.

Anyways - there's another thing that is bothering me. I originally wanted to set up the website for my god brother and his church. But then some guy said clearly made it clear that- that maybe nice of me but my services are only designing. I relinquish that nice gesture and design the site and sliced it and sent it off to be coded into a full functioning site. And then as I completed this site and handed it over, my god brother returns to ask how to make the site design live. I told him a few ways and asked to ask their developer. He replies with a laugh and said - who might that be? - I'm sorry but if my talents and services are offered and I feel like I was offended by the clear gesture when a guy who was in the tone of 'putting me in my place.' I gave what was simply asked of me and then you come back for help - how am I supposed to feel? Sorry? Should I be willing to help- again?

I hope to finish my canvases this week.

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