Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Trip to the Vancouver Museum

Yes Yes this is another one of my Museum groupons on which I dragged B- to go with. We traveled through the building and played with little gadgets. There was this one machine in which I thought would work in giving us a memento of our little trip but it simply ate my money. There was one thing how ever I was overly excited to play with and to see if it worked was a jukebox which I was gladly willingly feed it money for me to see it function and play a record. There was an exhibit called Bhangara Me. Where I saw people's name and faces in whom I recognized and turns out that a few years ago I actually designed some of their websites. I played around with some instruments and realized I could not play them at all. I danced around in the dancing stage room trying to follow the steps. We wandered the Museum traveling and learning about the history of Vancouver. After the Museum we ate dinner at Brown's Social House. The food was good, giving a perfect ending feel to a great day with B-.
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