Saturday, November 05, 2011

Biodiversity Day @ UBC

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Biodiversity date with B-. I had bought this groupon to go to the biodiversity museum at UBC. Before heading to the museum we went back to the place we ate on our first date. - I ordered something different of course and played it safe as the first time it was too much for me to handle. The California roll was good but the beef and rice was a lot for me to stomach. We walked on over to the Museum. I didn't know much about what it would be all about but it turned out to be interesting. Although the beginning was more interesting than the end of it. I practically went through everything. opening drawers that could be opened. The Museum felt more like a Library of the dead of different species of animals. I felt a little sad as I walked about it but the truth is, it's a bit of a necessary in the name of science and when it comes to studying the world and the animals.
I don't remember the restaurant we went to after the museum, the taro bbt was bigger than my head, B-'s tea was good. My beef roll was pretty good and the delicious Siao Long Baos. 
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