Saturday, February 02, 2013

Boyfriend's Midnight Birthday Madness

On the eve of my boyfriends birthday, I decided to play along with his friends on a surprise at midnight.
As he was busy watching a Chinese Kung-Fu action packed movie in the office on his computer with his headphones on, I sneaked out of the condo to give his friends my fob key to get everyone into the building and returned without being noticed. Around midnight they knocked on the door. I had strategically placed myself in the office around this time in front of my computer, so that if someone came a-knocking the boyfriend would the closest to the door to check out who it could be.

I interrupted the bf during his movie and said I thought someone was knocking on our door. I asked if he was expecting anyone. He said no. He went to the door to check it out. His friends has blocked the eye hole so he couldn't see who it was. He turns around to me and says "I'm getting the bat!", he quickly goes and gets our bat and returns to the front door. At this point I had to think of a way to calm him down so he wouldn't end up taking a swing at his friends. Eventually I convinced him to open the door for him to find his friends there holding up a birthday cake and masked like him.

Everyone came in a little nervous, having heard him say, "I'm getting the bat!". But all turned out well. Everyone stayed a bit to have a bit of cake, wishing him a happy birthday.

 Personally - the masks were a bit creepy, and I don't think they look like him at all.

I think it was a nice surprise for him, since earlier that day he was saying how he thought his friends wouldn't remember his birthday. But his best friends did and came up with this plan. He's so loved, I don't think anyone would ever forget him.
Photo from: YL & SN
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