Thursday, January 02, 2014

Vegas Trip - Day 1

It's January 2nd and Ethan's birthday! I wish my nephew the best today!

But me and BJ and a few other friends are going down to Vegas. Most of us first timers.

The trip had not been very promising flying with Allegiant Airlines as our flight which was supposed to be at 10am got delayed till 5:00pm.

The lot of us met up at Richmond. In one car, together we made our way down to the border. Sadly one of our friends does not have Nexus- we had to wait 40-50 minutes at the border. We did however made debates of which lane should have been taken. But we made it in good time.

As we pulled into the airport parking, with an unpaved lot, we grabbed our bags and hurried towards a building. An airport shuttle driver came around and shouted to is that - that was not the airport! And he would take us there. He was our lifesaver as the clock read 4:20pm already. We all hopped on and had a short tour of the airport parking lots before reaching the terminal. It was a good thing he stopped us and had us going the right direction as the building we were going towards was a manufacturer of pizza ovens. We thanked him and hurried on our way. Having already checked in, we went straight to security screening.

We went through the gates to board our plane to find we had to exit the airport and was physically outside before getting on a ramp that helped us up onto the plane.

"Are you serious?" - I heard TW say as he was the last of us to see the plane and ramp. We boarded the half-filled plane and ended up sitting there for an hour before take off. As they refueled and packed the bags for the flight.

Now we are on our way.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night . SYL
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