Sunday, July 06, 2014

Park Here Seafood Restaurant

Went to this restaurant with the company of mom and dad. Dad is a secret foodie at heart. He's eaten here a few times and though it was "alright". If it's good enough that brings us here, it should be good to consume.

 You can read my review on yelp.

My Review as on Yelp:

At first when you look at the name of the restaurant, you believe that it's all Chinese - As it's letters are the biggest on the sign. 百喜海鮮酒家. Their actual name is "Park Here Seafood Restaurant" in English, some maybe like me and believe that "Park Here" meant - park here.  Someone sounded out the Chinese words "百喜" for it's English name, it's English translation is really "Hundred Happiness" or "Hundred Delights". This restaurant's name, like many around the city of Vancouver has simply been lost in translation. But like that saying - "Don't judge a book by it's cover". 

The food was good with very good prices, the staff was very accommodating. 

When I entered the restaurant with a party of 3, the restaurants seating was filled, except for the large tables. They seated us at the 10 person table and notified us that when a smaller table opens up they would gladly move us there. The head waitress soon then told us, that we won't need to move, just to get comfortable and order. During our meal, the head waitress even came up to check up on us and asked us how the food was ( This does not happen very often to me when I go out to eat dim sum ).

This restaurant fills up quickly. During our meal, other small grouped patrons had to be seated at our large table. Don't worry if this happens to you, you won't be touching elbows with a stranger. They seat them a few chairs away so you still feel you have your privacy. 

Though the restaurant is small, it maybe a good thing - allowing the cook(s) more time to concentrate on serving you a great meal.

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