Friday, August 22, 2014

The Sinking Castle

In a foreign mall with mama j. Looking for a certain item. Giant comic books on the shelves. A taxi driver that was too sassy with us.

Then I was a photographer, looking for models in a mansion of friends, and he was there. the one I no longer care for, speak of, or think of. his family was there and there was just news of his aunts passing two to three days earlier. I was looking for models for a shoot of lingerie, models to spin and acrobat themselves on hanging fabric from the ceiling. Very cirque de solie. I ask my friends who would be fit, who would be able, and I look and look.

I somehow end up in a car with him driving, we're in is old 95 honda civic, the purple grey one. Something has happened to the world. And earthquake? Massive destruction? He drives us off a broken bridge into the water, for a few seconds we landed on a small concrete centre, the part the once stood to hold the bridge up in the middle. I tell him to stop, he continues to drive, we fall off and we see an end, a safe place to land, but the car doesn't reach there. We crash into the water I brace myself I held my breath but it's knocked out of me on impact, I take another as the car began to sink, and the water rose into the car, the windows begin to roll down. I swim out, I swim for my life. I pull myself out of the water like getting out of a pool I almost drowned in. I walk up these stone steps of an asian looking castle. I'm all wet, I look around and feel the water rising around me. He's still in the water, on his back, speaking to me. Conversing about the death of his aunt, and then questioning his own biological place, and I said he looked just like his mom, he is their son. I want to get to higher ground, but the castle IS sinking. It didn't make any sense why a concrete castle would sink. I was dreaming. I knew I was dreaming.

I wake up.

To the sound of the fax phone dialling.

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