Monday, August 31, 2009

CC And His Stares

This morning, around God knows when. CC ( My Dog ) wakes me up in the middle of the night / early morning to let him out to pee. I walk him all the way to the front door and let him out side ( to stop him peeing in the house ). Some time goes by and my mom ends up letting back inside and he makes his way to my room and does the scratching like he's knocking thing on my door and whimpers. I wake myself up from the bed and let him in. I go back to sleep, he comes in and settles in for a couple minutes and then he does his creepy, sits really close to the bed and stare at her as she sleeps and whimper. I'm trying to sleep! To prevent his stinky butt from jumping on to my bed and sleeping I move close to the edge of the bed where he is and start petting his head to comfort him. It works and he goes to sleep where he is and I get some sleep. Until he wakes me up to let him out.
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