Monday, August 17, 2009

CC _ New West

This Morning for some strange reason CC ( my 12 year old Pekingese dog ) desperately wanted to sleep on my bed with me. He jumped up on my right hand side and moved all the way slowly to my left. Sleeping on my legs along the way. When he came to a rest on my left hand side. I decided to take a picture with him as he slept. Yes this photo above is staged. I placed the camera down on a box and set it on a timer and just laid back down next to him for the shot. After the photo was taken he woke up and started whimpering again and moved closer and closer to my side. I did try to push him off but he's pretty strong for a little guy and used all his power to fight me.

In the afternoon I took my cousin out to New Westminster Quay Market only to find out that it is under MAJOR renovations. What a waste of my time! We did walk around however and I got a lot more photos for my stock pile. One thing that did come out of this was when we went into salvation army looking for a crow costume or anything to build it. I came across a My Little Pony Bike Bell, the first person I thought of when I saw it was GORDON ( I don't know why, it would go awesome with pink tassels ). So I spent 50cents on this bike bell just for him. Hmm, I wonder what he will think of it. There is a strange statue with a giant egg next to the store also pictured below. We ended up walking down Columbia Street, admiring the wedding dresses. ( I'm so crushed to think that I may never be a bride. ) till we reached Columbia Street Station. I ate my Bre-Lunch there and went home soon after.

Here are just a few pics from what we saw during the day.
We saw a giant Nintendo controller and apparently the worlds tallest tin man/soldier.

I have been sneezing twice A LOT lately.
My cousin keeps saying that means someone is missing me.
Has anyone else ever heard of this? If you have comment.
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