Sunday, August 16, 2009

DimSum & Photography @ Stanley Park

Early afternoon me and the family went to go eat Dim Sum at Kirin Restaurant @ Star Lite Casino in New West. It was just right. And I got my dad to say that he would teach me how to make noodles. I suggested, perhaps I should return to Brunei / Miri to learn how to make noodles. He thought that was stupid and that he could teach me...hahaha. I can't wait for our first noodle making lesson =D .

Later on in the afternoon, Lester ( friend from highschool ) came and picked me and my cousin up to go to Stanley Park to do some photography. He had just recently purchased the same DSLR as I have. Nikon D60. Cute, small and does the job. hahaha like me. jk jk.

Lester parked at second beach pool and walked down. We walked around the seawall to a certain extent and climbed down where we could and wrote in the sand. I showed him and my cousin the balancing rocks that people do there along the seawall.

Here is a picture of Lester, he was trying to see if he threw a rock at a pile of balancing rocks if they would fall. His first attempt he felt guilty ( pictured here ) and so just tossed the little rock in his hand aside. His second attempt however he completely missed. The next photo is my first try at balancing rocks. The third photo pictured above shows my cousins and My second try with large rocks. Here are a few photos of us trying rock balancing. My cousin with her pile, Lester with his kick ass 15 stone high pile. And the last one is my third try pile trying to beat Lester. But it ended up falling and I just chucked the rest of the rocks in my hand in upsetness.

Here are my top Five Best Shots from our trip today. =)

Thanks Lester for a fun trip =) you're a good driver, considering I get sick in the cars of people who can't drive. I really didn't realize you were driving standard until we got to Stanley Park.
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