Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Weird Dream

I had a weird dream, it was long but I only remember the last half of it.
Someone took me out to ice skate at a rink, I remember stepping onto the ice and feeling awkward. I don't remember strapping on the skates but when I partnered up with a cute Caucasian guy during Ice dancing ( Weird I know ) he asked me how I was doing and where I got my skates. I lift up my leg to notice I was ice skating with roller hockey skates. ( stupid part of dream ). He advised me that was not good. So I got off the ice and went to the skate shop. I asked the guy behind the counter of the skate shop for a conversion kit, so I don't have go buying ice skates. He says no problem ( I don't know if there even is such thing as a conversion kit that simply removes the wheels of your skates and puts in an ice skate blade plate and it gets screwed on. ) Well I handed him my skates and he goes and does that. A short time after in my dream I return to the skate shop. The worker is not there. I shout into the shop to get someone's attention and a man walks out of the shadows of the dark skate shop and greets me. He tells me his employee had walked out for a break with my skates so he could do some changes that I may like to them. He exits the shop and closes it up to walk and talk with me as we go in search of his employee who had taken my skates. We find the guy who was working behind the counter had painted the ice skate blades that was to be attached to my skate from the conversion kit, to match the color of the laces. He left the skates on the grass to dry as he was graffiti-ing a nearby wall. The man advises me that the park was owned by him and he allows them to graffiti it time to time for public display of art and talent. He said his employee had potential and was very artistic so he lets him get away with stuff time to time. He was painting a mural with one of his other friends. ( didn't stick around to look at what it was. ) He suggested we move on, he picked my my skates an some other things that were laying around. I tried to help him carry some stuff but there were a lot of little bits and my hands were too small to hold them all. He said to leave them and someone will bring them back to the shop. He tells me that a man should always try to carry any load for a woman. From when he's at the age of 10 - 70. ( I thought that was kind of old till a guy was 70. ) I say to him that that kind of Gentlemen is hard to come by these days. He said nothing as we continued on our way. He then insists I should meet one of his old friends. ( I don't know why but in my dream famous icon people were put on display for people to meet in high up beds and little rooms.) I walk up to this house and enter a room. I hear a coughing coming from somewhere in the room. I was praying that he lady he wanted me to meet wasn't in her high up bed dying. He walks around the bed and I follow him. To a lady who's hair is white as snow, she looks like she used to be very beautiful but now time had caught up with her. She sat at a small tea table and chair drinking tea. Coughing. The man tells me that she's also very famous and beautiful exotic dancer, but now she's living like this. He asks the old woman of what she thinks of me. I suddenly feel cold and I look down to see that I am naked and only in my underwear. I am not embarrassed, just confused. I look back to the old lady, I have nothing that she has never seen before. She says the strangest thing to me. "She can pee and poop." The man laughs. I come to realize she's become senile. He goes on to tell me that I shouldn't be afraid in life, to take chances, I should not regret feeling sad nor upset nor about any decision that I choose to make. Life is life and it can pass in an instant.

I wake up and I feel humbled.

Dream Dictionary Breakdown of My Dream.

Skate: Good times predicted by a dream of either ice or roller skate.
Rink: symbol of pleasant social activity.
Meeting a Millionaire: is a caution to listen to wiser heads before making a new commitment.
Enter a strange room: warning that a casual affair could turnout to be incubus if you aren't careful. If the room was a very small one, it indicates a lucky last-minute escape from a regrettable mistake.
Bed: A strange bed forecasts an upturn in business affairs. (which I walked around)
Old maid: ( spinster ) warning against impulsive behavior.
Naked: if the nakedness is your own, you can expect a stroke of money luck or improvement in circumstances.
Advice: if you received advice you will make some new and useful friends.
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