Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Passed My Learners =)

My cousin and me taking pics before my camera ran out of batteries. We're waiting for my sis to come pick us up.

Passed =) 95% in 25.3 mins
The guy right next to me didn't do so well, he started after me and left before me. He was fumbling, running his hands through his hair, grabbing the sides of the screen, stepping side to side. I was noticing all this from the corner of my eye! Obviously he failed.

I wonder how my id is going to look like. Good I hope.

Went to eat and vent at earls right next door, then helped my big sis with some grocery shopping. Went to her place and looked at her fab photos from her trip to Greece. The day before she came back from her trip and walked into my room with a pointed finger about how I didn't tell her about the fact that her now fiance was going to propose. If I had told her, it wouldn't have been the best trip ever for her now would it.

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