Sunday, August 09, 2009

Scooter vs. Puppy

I'm currently contemplating to either get a scooter or puppy? Which one should I invest in?

I was so happy after discovering that I could actually ride a scooter, which is under 50cc and goes under 70km/hour. Maybe I should invest in a scooter.

But during my walk today CC tripped and then soon after started limping from the fall. And it broke my heart. And my brain starts to think that I should withhold from getting the scooter. Cause I can't imagine living without the love of a pet companion.

I've been looking at puppies for sale since... a while now actually.
choices... pug vs boston terrier
brother wants... Husky, chow chow.
Sister wants... Corgi, french bulldog.

UGHHHHH... what should I get?
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