Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shopping @ MetroTown

Me and My Cousin LX, went to Metro town today to get a bunch of things that we needed to get. We first ate lunch in the food court and did a bunch of shopping. We first hit up the pet store and I was so heart warmed to find the two dogs I want the most right next to each other. I really felt like I wanted them both! but in the end my heart directed it self to the Boston Terrier with its big paws. But the two seemed to be in love and wanting to play with one another I had to take pics. Here is a great shot of them two, it seems like they are talking to one another.
Not too far from the Pet Habitat, an Art Box store opened and in there I found a giant pen which I bought to keep my giant pencil company. Only this time the pen has pandas on it. I also wanted to get the following images shown above but I held back. I got some new clothes, went to la senza and picked up some new underwear, some more lingerie that I think I will never get to use but it looks hot none-the-less to make me feel better. A pair of black heels that look fab with skinny jeans I bought ( Grey and Purple Pair ) I bought a style top that I always been wanting to get and it doesn't look all to bad on me. Here's a picture of all I got omitting my underwear. The corset and matching underwear were bought a few weeks back.
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